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Stefano Paolo Zanetti

Stefano Paolo Zanetti

Stefano Paolo Zanetti

Stefano PaoloZanetti



03/2014-Internship in the Dept. of Pediatric Surgery at Buzzi Hospital-Milan

07/2014–11/2014-Internal doctor at Pio AlbergoTrivulzioMilan (Italy)

12/2014–Present-Resident inUrology

Prof. Emanuele Montanari, University of Milan, Milan (Italy)

▪                 12/2014-04/2016:Resident in Urology at San Paolo Teaching Hospital, University ofMilan

▪                 -Active partecipation in Endourological Surgery  for stones and Upper Tract Urothelialcarcinoma

-Assistance as 2nd operator in Laparoscopic Kidney Surgery

-Partercipation in international Masterclass and Workshops for case presentations and assistance of surgeonsduring Live Surgeries

-Clinical research activity

▪                                        11/2016-present:

Resident in Urology at IRCCS Ca' Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, University of Milan



                        EDUCATION AND TRAINING


09/2002–06/2007-Scientific secondaryschool

Liceo scientifico Paolo Frisi, Monza (Italy)


10/2007–10/2013-Degree in Medicine andSurgery

Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca, Milan (Italy)

▪            Internships in internal medicine, neurology, diabetology, infectious deseases, general surgery, vascular surgery and urologydepartments.

▪            Elective complementary courses: Effects of high altitude hypobaric hypoxia;Technological innovations in surgery; Prostate Cancer: multidisciplinary approach; Prevention of the surgical woundinfection;Pelvicpavementdisfunctions;Cardiacarrest

▪            28/03/2010-26/06/2010:ERASMUS PROJECT at Université Paris Descartes- Paris 5. Intership at theUrologydepartmentofSaintJosephHospitalofParisheadedbyDr.HervéBaumert.

▪            10/2012-10/2013:DEGREEINTERNSHIPintheDepartmentofUrologyoftheSanPaolo TeachingHospitalinMilanheadedbyProf.EmanueleMontanari.

▪            15/10/2013:DEGREEINMEDICINEANDSURGERYpresentingthethesis:"Predictivefactorsfor RetrogradeIntrarenalLithotripsy(RIRS)success:intraoperativeevaluationandfollow-up.


11/2013–02/2014-Licence to work as adoctor

1-30         /11/2013:InternshipintheDept.ofGeneralSurgeryatSanGerardoHospital-Monza

1-31          1-31/12/2013:InternshipintheDept.ofNephrologyatSanGerardoHospital-Monza

1-32      /01/2014: Internship in GeneralMedicine 5/2/2015: Exam oflicence





Ultrasound (US)-guided Microperc in semi-oblique supine position; first experience M Catellani,SPZanetti,MDelor,MTalso,FLongo,EMontanari-EuropeanUrologySupplements14 (4),67

▪            Stone'scharacteristicsandpatient'sBMI:ImpactonRIRSforrenalstonesSPZanetti,M Catellani,MDelor,FLongo,EMontanari-EuropeanUrologySupplements14(4),69-70

▪            The role of Hounsfield Units in individuating a particular stone group to define stone- treatmentstrategyMDelor,GGrimi,MCatellani,SPZanetti,FLongo,EMontanari -European Urology Supplements 14 (4),63

▪            Regular,SmallsizePCNLandRIRSinthetreatmentof1-2cmrenalstones:EULISSurvey in 30 European Stone Centers SP Zanetti, M Catellani, A Trinchieri, K Sarica, EMontanari

- European Urology Supplements 15 (3),e688a

▪            Retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS), regular and small sized percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) in daily practice: European Association of Urology Section of Urolithiasis (EULIS) Survey. Zanetti SP, Boeri L, Catellani M, Gallioli A, Trinchieri A, Sarica K, MontanariE.ArchItalUrolAndrol.2016Oct5;88(3):212-216.doi:10.4081/aiua.2016.3.212.

▪            RectalCulture-GuidedTargetedAntimicrobialProphylaxisReducestheIncidenceofPost- Operative Infectious Complications in Men at High Risk for Infections Submitted to Transrectal Ultrasound Prostate Biopsy - Results of a Cross-Sectional Study Boeri L, Fontana M, Gallioli A, Zanetti SP, Catellani M, Longo F, Mangiarotti B, Montanari E. PLoS One. 2017 Jan 25;12(1):e0170319. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0170319. eCollection2017.

▪            Minimally invasive PCNL-MIP. Zanetti SP, Boeri L, Gallioli A, Talso M, Montanari E. Arch Esp Urol. 2017 Jan;70(1):226-234.Review.

▪            Rectal culture-guided targeted antimicrobial prophylaxis significantly reduces the incidence of post-operative infectious complications in men at high risk for infectionsubmitted to transrectal ultrasound prostate biopsy–results of a cross-sectional studyL Boeri, M Fontana, A Gallioli, SP Zanetti, M Catellani, E De Lorenzis, F Palmisano, F Longo,EMontanari-EuropeanUrologySupplements16(3),e225

▪            Livesurgicaldemonstrationsdonotcompromisepatientssafety:Resultsfroma5year experience in 151 urinary stone cases SP Zanetti, J Legemate, G Kamphuis, J Baard, E Montanari,OTraxer,JDeLaRosette-EuropeanUrologySupplements16(3),e742-e744

▪            Outcomefrom5-yearlivesurgicaldemonstrationsinurinarystonetreatment:areoutcomes compromised? Legemate JD, Zanetti SP, Baard J, Kamphuis GM, Montanari E, Traxer O, de la Rosette JJ World J Urol. 2017 Nov;35(11):1745-1756. doi: 10.1007/s00345-017-2050-4. Epub 2017 May18.

▪            Computed tomography Hounsfield parameters for discrimination of predominantly composed calcium oxalate mono-and di-hydrate stones: Preliminary results A Gallioli, M Fontana,EDeLorenzis,LBoeri,SPZanetti,FPalmisano,GSampogna,MGFerruti,FLongo,PG Dell’Orto,EMontanari-EuropeanUrologySupplements16(7),e2521-e2522

▪            ClinicalutilityofcomputedtomographyHounsfieldcharacterizationforpercutaneous nephrolithotomy A Gallioli, E De Lorenzis, M Fontana, L Boeri, M Delor, G Sampogna, F Palmisano, SP Zanetti, F Longo, GM Ferruti, A Trincheri, E Montanari - European Urology Supplements 16 (7),e2539-e2540

▪            Clinical utility of computed tomography Hounsfield characterization for percutaneous nephrolithotomy: a cross-sectional study. Gallioli A, De Lorenzis E, Boeri L, Delor M, Zanetti SP, Longo F, Trinchieri A, Montanari E. BMC Urol. 2017 Nov 16;17(1):104. doi: 10.1186/s12894- 017-0296-1.





Best Video at the Italian Endourological Association (IEA) 2016 with the video "Allium Ureteral Stentforthetreatmentofcomplexureteralfistulaeunsuitableforsurgicalrepair:afeasiblesolution for difficultsituations".

▪            Best Poster presentation at the Challenges in Endourology (CIE) 2017 with the abstract "Outcome from five-year Live Surgical Demonstrations in urinary stone treatment: Are outcomes compromised?"

▪            WorldJournalofUrology(WJU)ArticleoftheMonth oftheinJune2017withthepaper:"Outcome from 5 year live surgical demonstrations in urinary stone treatment: are outcomes compromised?" Legemate, J.D., Zanetti, S.P., Baard, J., Kamphuis, G.M., Montanari, E., Traxer, O., de la Rosette, J.J.


Organization ofscientificevents   


Case presentations and assistance during Live Surgeries of SIU Grand Rounds in the period May- October2016intheAMCHospitalinAmsterdam

▪            Faculty member of the first "Congresso di Urologia degli Specializzandi Lombardi" 03/11/2017, University ofMilan




   ▪     2015-present: Member of the European Association of Urology(EAU)

▪            2015-present:MemberoftheItalianUrologicalSociety(SIU)

▪            2016-present:MemberoftheSocietéInternationald'Urologie(SIU)

▪            2015-2017EuropeanAssociationofUrology(EULIS)AssociateMemberintheWorkingGroupon MetabolicevaluationandResearchinStoneDisease

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