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Chaozhao Liang

Chaozhao Liang

Professor Chaozhao Liang is currently the President of the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, a Chief of Surgery, Professor and Tutor of Ph.D. & M.D. students in the Department of Urology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, and also the Director &Principal Investigator of the Institute of Urology, Anhui Medical University. He is one of the Candidates for “Ten Million Talent Project of the New Century” , winner of “Provincial Outstanding Youth Award” and “Outstanding Achievement Award of Endos Award in Medical Science and Technology”, one of the “Leaders of  Science and Technology of Anhui Province” and “Outstanding Contribution Award to the Public Health”, his academic positions include Chairman of Anhui Urological Association, Member of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Chinese Andrological Association and Chinese Urological Association (CUA), Associate Editor of the Guidelines for diagnosis and therapy of bladder cancer, Editorial Board member of several Journals in Urology and the national textbooks in Urology for the undergraduate and graduate students and etc. He was also the Executive President of the 13th CUA Annual Meeting of Endourology and Annual Meeting of Asian Society of Endourology (ASE) & East Asian Society of Endourology (EASE) (2013).

His clinical trials and basic researches focused on Minimally Invasive Urology (Laparoscopic Urology, Endoscopic Urology etc.), Oncologic Urology and General Urology (including prostatitis). So far, his studies were supported by 13 scientific research grants, including 5 National Nature Science Foundations, Clinical Key Programs of the Ministry of Health and etc. He has more than 300 papers, among which 16 publications were indexed by SCI, including Nature Genetics, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, Endocrine-related Cancer, Journal of Urology, Urology, BJU international, Archives of Andrology, Asian Journal of Andrology and so on. He has also published 13 books in Urology and Andrology. Besides, he has won 5 “Anhui provincial Sci-Tech Advance Awards”, including the  1st-class Prize (Once), 2nd-class Prize (Three times) and the 4th-class Prize (Once).

Representative publications (*corresponding author)          

1.   Tai S, Sun Y, Sunita B, Ryan KT, Nan L, Elaine H, Robert D, Liang CZ* and Huang JT: Combination of Rad001 (Everolimus) and Propachlor synergistically induces autophagy and apoptosis in prostate cancer cells. Molecular Caner Therapeutics. 11: 1320-31, 2012.

2.   Chen H, Sun Y, Wu C, Magyar CE, Li X, Cheng L, Yao JL, Shen S, Osunkoya AO, Liang CZ* and Huang JT: Pathogenesis of prostatic small cell carcinoma involves the inactivation of the P53 pathway. Endocr Relat Cancer. 19: 321-31, 2012. 

3.     Tai S, Sun Y, Squires JM, Zhang H, Oh WK, Liang CZ* and Huang JT: PC3 is a cell line characteristic of prostatic small cell carcinoma. Prostate. 71: 1668-79, 2011.

4.   Hao ZY, Li HJ, Wang ZP, Xing JP, Hu WL, Zhang TF, Zhang XS, Zhou J, Tai S and Liang CZ*: The prevalence of erectile dysfunction and its relation to chronic prostatitis in Chinese men. J Androl. 32: 496-501, 2011.

5.   Quan C, Ren YQ, Xiang LH, Sun LD, Xu AE, Gao XH, Chen HD, Pu XM, Wu RN, Liang CZet al.: Genome-wide association study for vitiligo identifies susceptibility loci at 6q27 and the MHC. Nat Genet. 42: 614-8, 2010.

6.   Zhou L, Chen J, Li Z, Li X, Hu X, Huang Y, Zhao X, Liang CZet al.: Integrated profiling of microRNAs and mRNAs: microRNAs located on Xq27.3 associate with clear cell renal cell carcinoma. PLoS One. 5: e15224, 2010.

7.   Liang CZ, Hao ZY, Li HJ, Wang ZP, Xing JP, Hu WL, Zhang TF, Ge WW, Zhang XS, Zhou J et al.: Prevalence of premature ejaculation and its correlation with chronic prostatitis in Chinese men. Urology. 76: 962-6, 2010.

8.   Liang CZ, Li HJ, Wang ZP, Xing JP, Hu WL, Zhang TF, Ge WW, Hao ZY, Zhang XS, Zhou J et al.: The prevalence of prostatitis-like symptoms in China. J Urol. 182: 558-63, 2009.

9.   Liang CZ, Li HJ, Wang ZP, Xing JP, Hu WL, Zhang TF, Ge WW, Hao ZY, Zhang XS, Zhou J et al.: Treatment of chronic prostatitis in Chinese men. Asian J Androl. 11: 153-6, 2009.

10. Liang CZ, Zhang XJ, Wang DB, Hao ZY and Lv LY: Measurement of electrolyte concentrations in expressed prostatic secretion and urine from patients with chronic prostatitis and its implications. Arch Androl. 52: 29-34, 2006.

11. Liang CZ, Guo QK, Hao ZY, Yang S, Wang DB, Wu LX, Liu C, Wang KX and Zhang XJ: K channel expression in prostate epithelium and its implications in men with chronic prostatitis. BJU Int. 97: 190-2, 2006.

12. Liang CZ, Zhang XJ, Hao ZY, Yang S, Wang DB, Shi HQ and Liu C: An epidemiological study of patients with chronic prostatitis. BJU Int. 94: 568-70, 2004.

13. Liang CZ, Zhang XJ, Hao ZY, Shi HQ and Wang KX: Prevalence of sexual dysfunction in Chinese men with chronic prostatitis. BJU Int. 93: 568-70, 2004.


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