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Guosheng Yang


Guosheng Yang, male, chief physician (professor), Ph.D in medicine, doctoral and master mentor. Director of the Department of Urology of Guangdong No.2 People’ Hospital, and of the department of urological training base of Endoscopic and Microinvasive Medcine of Ministry of Health. Vice director of the department of surgical teaching and research of Guangdong No.2 People’ Hospital. Expert of ‘Talent Project’of Chinese Association of Urology. Evaluation expert of Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province. Medical appraisement expert of Guangdong medical association and expert of Guangdong Provincial Health Care Association.

Major in urological clinic, scientific research and teaching for more than 20 years. Committed to clinic and research in urogenital tumor and andrology. Specialize in urological endoscopic and microinvasive surgery. Be one of the first to carry out green laser operation, laparoscopic operation and modified single port laparoscopic operation in urology and flexible ureteroscopic lithotripsy. Visit to USA and European for lot times as senior scholar. Former vice chief physician (association professor) of the department of urology in The Fist Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University.

As the first author, have published nearly 60 academic papers in the domestic and international professional journals, including 10 SCI(highest impact factor of 6.6), be chief editor of two books and participate in editing seven books. Mainly responsable forthe National 863 Project and the National Natural Science Fund Project, with research funding 500 thousand. Undertake a number of research projects in Guangdong provicne, including two Natural Science Fund Project, one Science and Technology Planning Project, one Traditional Chinese Medicine Project, andone Medical Science and Technology Fund Projcet., Take charge of several projects in Zhejiang province,including one Natural Science Fund Project.  three Health Fund Project, and one Start-up Fund for young scholars of Zhejiang University. Won the Endoscopics microinvasive medical award for outstanding young physicians issued by Ministry of Science and Technology in 2012, and Second prize of Zhejiang Province Natural Science, and the tile of Outstanding Graduate Tutor of Zhejiang University.  



2015.2-2015.3   Visiting Scholar, Application of Microinvasive and Robotic Surgery in Urology, University of Southern California (America)

2006.9-2006.12   Visiting Scholar, Cancer Research Center, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

2001.2-2004.3    Ph.D. (Clinical Medicine in China), Department of Urology, The Fist Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University

1995.9-1998.6    M.S. (Clinical Medicine in China), Wannan Medical College, Anhui, China

1986.9-1991.6   M.D. (Clinical Medicine in China), Wannan Medical College, Anhui, China



2008.10-present   Professor, Chief Physician

                            Department of Urology, Guangdong NO.2 Provincial People’s Hospital, Guangzhou, Guangdong, 510317, P.R. CHINA 

                            Major in Urogenital Tumor and Andrology, Skilled in Endoscopic and Microinvasive Surgery of Urology.

2004.3-2008.9    Associate professor, Associate chief of physician

                           Department of Urology, The Fist Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310003, P.R. CHINA.



1. Member of International Association of Urolithiasis (IAU)

2. Member of Chinese Association of Urolithiasis

3. Standing Committee of Urogenital Medical Committee of China International Exchange and Promotive Association For Medical and Heahth Care

4. Member of Calculi Group of Chinese Association of Urology

5. Standing Committee of Editorial Committee of Endoscopic Specialty of National Physician Regular Assessment

6. Member of National Physician Regular Assessment Committee of Endoscopic and Microinvasive Medcine of Ministry of health

7. Standing Committee of Guangdong Association of Urology

8. Vice Chairman of Guangdong Association of Andrology

9. Vice Chairman of Urologic and Andrological Specialty Committee of Guangdong  Health Management Association(GHMA)

10. Vice Chairman of Urolithiasis Committee  of Guangdong Urogenital Associaion

11. Vice Chairman of Urological Tumor Committee of Guangdong Urogenital Association

12. Vice Chairman of Laparoscope Committee of Guangdong Urogenital Association

13. Member of Standing Committee of Urological Surgeons of Guangdong Medical Doctor Association

14. Standing Committee of Guangdong Urological Association of the Integrative Traditional and Western Medicine

15. Editor of “Journal of Contemporary Urologic and Reproductive Oncology” (Chinese core journals)

16. Communicational Editor of “ National Journal of Andrology” (Chinese core journals)


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