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Hequn Chen

Hequn Chen

Hequn Chen, male, was born in April, 1964. He graduated from Hunan Medical University in 1987 and worked as urologist in Xiangya Hospital. In 1995, he graduated with a doctorate in surgery. He was appointed resident, chief resident, attending doctor, associate professor and full professor in Xiangya hospital. He was professor in Department of Urology, chief physician, MD, PhD supervisor, director of urinary calculi subspecialty. He part-time serves as the vice-chairmen of the urological branch of Hunan's Medical Association, leader of urological stone group, editorial director of international journal of urology and nephrology. In 2008, he was visited to the United States as a member of Urology General training project of Peking University.

Engaged in clinical medicine, teaching over 20 years, Professor Chen specializes in minimally invasive treatments for urinary calculus. In 2002, he performed the first treatment of percutaneous nephrolithotomy under ultrasound-guidance for renal calculus in Hunan province. Up to now, He has carried out percutaneous nephrolithotomy more than 6000 cases, semi rigid ureteroscopy in excess of 3000 cases. Almost all of the special types of kidney stones were treated by him, which included staghorn calculi, horseshoe kidney stones, solitary kidney calculi, polycystic kidney stones, transplantation kidney stones, renal calyceal diverticular calculi, sponge kidney stones, obese patients kidney stones, severe scoliosis associated with kidney stones, kidney stones in children (minimum age 18 months) and so on.

Professor Chen has been awarded with Medical Science and Technology Award in Hunan four times and Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award twice. He supervised and participated in many national, provincial academic projects. Professor Chen published over 30 research papers in many international prestigious journals including Urolithiasis, Urologia internationalis, International urology and nephrology, Urological Research, etc.


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