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José Manuel Reis Santos

José Manuel Reis Santos

José Manuel Reis Santos

General Academic Career

  •    Pedro Álvares Cabral High School , Castelo Branco, graduating in 1965.
  •   Entered Lisbon University Medical School 1965 and graduated 1971 at the age of 24.


Hospital Career

  •     Two years of general surgery and then training in Urology at the Urology Unit at the Curry Cabral Hospital, Lisbon finishing in 1978.
  •    December 1978, passed the final exam in Urology with "Very Good with Honors".
  •    November 1979, after unanimous approval, is given the title of Consultant Urologist of the Hospitais Civis de Lisboa.
  •   July 1988, curriculum approved by the Examination Board and given the Status of Head of Department of Urology.
  •   July 1992, passed the European Board of Urology exam in Geneva with a score of  86%.


Academic Career in Urology

  •    Assistant lecturer in Urology at the New University of Lisbon from 1979 until 2002.
  •   Professor at Portuguese Catholic University, since 2002.


Scientific Activity

  •    Author of many communications both at home and abroad with more than 100 published works.
  •   Frequent training sessions at various centers in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia and Brasil.
  •   Full member of The Board of eULIS Society.


Experience in Clinical trials

Has participated in various clinical trials ( more then 20 Phase II-IV) as principal investigator since 1982.

Scientific Societies Where is Member

  •    The Portuguese Association of Urology
  •    The Society of Medical Sciences
  •    Medical Society of the Hospitais Civis de Lisboa
  •    Portuguese Cancer Society
  •    Portuguese Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Society
  •    The Portuguese Medical Software Society
  •    European Association of Urology
  •    Société International d'Urologie
  •    British Association of Urological Surgeons
  •    American Urological Association
  •    Brazilian Urological Society
  •    The Society for Minimally Invasive Therapy
  •    eULIS Society
  •    The Portuguese Society of Endoscopy and Endoscopy Surgery

Editorial Board – Medical journal

Does peer reviews for various international medical publications .


Author of Book Chapters

Is author of chapters in various publications of reference, namely in the Lithiasis field.


Other Activities:

    In Industry

  •    Medical Adviser for Boehringer-Manheim Laboratory from 1970 till 1977.
  •    Medical Adviser for Les Laboratoire Servier from 1977 till 1978.
  •    Medical Adviser for Neo-Farmacêutica, Lda from 2001 to 2008.
  •   Medical  Adviser and Scientific  Director at the KTB – Produtos Farmaceuticos, SA since 2004


   In Medical and Hospital Centers

  •   Founding Member of Uroclínica – Centro Clínico de Urologia in 1997. Since there is the Clinical Director.
  •   Founding Member of Uronda (Urology Department in Hospital São Luís - Lisbon) – 1986 -1996. During this period was Clinical Director for 4 years. In 1996, this unit was re-named “Instituto de Urologia” and moved to a new building in Lisbon.
  •   Founding Member of Instituto de Urologia – a private hospital unit in Lisbon (1996).
  •   Clinical Director at Instituto de Urologia from 1996 till 2002.
  •   Consultant at British Hospital - Lisbon since 2002.


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