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Giorgio Mazzon


MD, MSc (Urol), FEBU


Personal Details

Surname:                    Mazzon

First name:                 Giorgio

Date of Birth:            August 8th, 1983

Address:                     Via Verci 37, Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Mobile number:       +393922278996

Nationality:                 Italian (EU)      

GMC No.:      7252208 (Full registration)



Education and Qualifications

2018 Specialist Register in UK

2014 CCST in Urology [FRCS (Urol) equivalent], University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy;

2014 Fellow of the European Board of Urology (FEBU, May 31st, 2014);

2013 11th European Residents Education Programme (EUREP)
13-18 September 2013, Prague, Czech Republic;

2012 University of Trieste (Italy)
Post-graduate Master in Andrological Surgery and Gender Disorder Surgery, 110/110 marks;

Since 2009 University of Verona (Italy)
          He passed the admission exam for Urology training at the University of Verona (3rd out of 17),   

          assigned at the Urologic Department of Trieste (chief: Prof. E. Belgrano);

2008 University of Trieste (Italy)
Graduation in Medicine and Surgery (Laurea Magistrale in Medicina e Chirurgia) at Trieste University, with 110/110 marks and First Class Honours degree (110/110 cum laude), thesis in Urology;

2001 Portogruaro, Venice (Italy)
        Science Diploma (Maturità Scientifica) at “Liceo Scientifico Statale XXV Aprile”, Portogruaro      

        (Venice), Italy, 93/100 marks.


Employment History

Current employment:

Urology consultant, special interests in Endourology and pelvic cancer
San Bassiano Hospital, Bassano del Grappa, Italy


Previous appointments:

2015-2018: Post-CCT Senior Clinical Fellow to the Robotic and endourology Teams at University College Hospital, London, UK

2014: Post-CCT Senior Clinical Fellow to the Urology Team, Broomfield Hospital, Essex, UK

2008-2014: Specialty training in Urology, Urology Department, University of Trieste


Faculty Roles

•    January 2017: faculty member to “2nd International Symposium on Advanced Robotic Techniques in Urology”, University College Hospital, London (UK);

•    November 2016: faculty member to “IAU & PERCON 2016”, New Delhi, India;



· 2013: Sub-investigator in EMPATHY-P study (European Multicenter Protocol to Asses Tumor HeterogenicitY with a cell-cycle progression assay in tumor tissue of patients with Prostate cancer stage T1-3, N0, M0) sponsored by Myriad Genetics GmbH;

· 2012-2013: Sub-investigator in PERMIN study (Permixon 160 mg vs Tamsulosin in the treatment of LUTS: an international, prospective, double-blind, randomized study) sponsored by Pierre Fabre Pharma;

· 2011-2012 : Sub-investigator in PAUSE study (Premature ejaculation-Actual Use Safety and Effective study) sponsored by Janssen-Cilag International;

· 2011-2012 : Sub-investigator in H6D-EW-LVIU Prospective Observational Study Protocol (Tadalafil Once Daily under routine conditions-an observational Study on Treatment Continuation and Pattern during a 6-month Period) sponsored by Eli Lilly and Company;



· Thompson JE, Sridar AN, Tan WS, Mazzon G, Sooriakumaran P et al
Pathological findings and magnetic resonance Imaging Concordance at salvageradical prostatectomy for local recurrence following partial ablation using high intensity focused ultrasound
J Urol 2019

· Mazzon G, Sridhar A, Busuttil G, Thompson J, Nathan S, Briggs T, Kelly J, Shaw G.
Learning Curves for Robotic Surgery: a Review of the Recent Literature.
Curr Urol Rep. 2017 Sep 23;18(11):89

· Chiriacò G, Cauci S, Mazzon G, Trombetta
An observational retrospective evaluation of 79 young men with long-term adverse effects after use of finasteride against androgenetic alopecia.
Andrology 2016 Mar ; 4(2) : 245-50

· Sharp G, Mazzon G, Thilagarajah R
A cross-sectional pilot study to investigate patient attitudes and perception regarding the use of real time digital recording of urological procedures for research and teaching purposes.
Ann Med Surg 2015 Apr 14 ;4(2) :151-7

· Di Loreto C, La Marra F, Mazzon G, Belgrano E, Trombetta C, Cauci S.
Immunohistochemical Evaluation of Androgen Receptor and Nerve Structure Density in Human Prepuce from Patients with Persistent Sexual Side Effects After Finasteride Use for Androgenetic Alopecia.
Plos ONE. 2014, Jun 24 :9(6)

· Cecchin E, Mazzon G, Cauci S, Trombetta C, Toffoli G.
A pharmacogenetic survey of Androgen Receptor polymorphisms in patients experiencing long term toxicity after finasteride withdrawal. 
Int J Biol Markers. 2014, May 17:0. [Epub ahead of print];

· Bucci S, Mazzon G, Liguori G, Napoli R, Pavan N, Bormioli S, Ollandini G, De Concilio B, Trombetta C.
Neovaginal prolapse in male-to-female transsexuals : how we prevent it after an experience 18-year long.
Bio Med Res Int. 2014. Epub 2014 May 7

· Ollandini G, Trombetta C, Mazzon G, de Concilio B, Bucci S, Pavan N, Belgrano E, Liguori G.
Should older patients be offered varicocele correction to improve their fertility?
Andrology. 2014, May;2(3):402-7. Epub 2014 Mar 14;

· Liguori G, Pavan N, d’Aloia G, Bucci S, de Concilio B, Mazzon G, Ollandini G, Trombetta C.
Fertility preservation after severe scrotal trauma.
Asian J Androl. 2014, Mar 28, epub ahead of print;

· Ollandini G, Liguori G, Ziaran S, Malek T, Mazzon G, De Concilio B, Bucci S, Benvenuto S, Belgrano E, TrombettaC.
Varicocele treatment: A 2-centers comparison between non microsurgical open correction, laparoscopic approach and retrograde percutaneous sclerotization on 463 cases.
Arch Ital Urol Androl. 2013 Sep 26 ;85(3) :143-148;

· Liguori G, Bucci S, Zordani A, Benvenuto S, Ollandini G, Mazzon G, Bertolotto M, Cacciato F, Siracusano S, Trombetta C.
Role of US in acute scrotal pain.
World J Urol. 2011 Oct;29(5):639-43. Epub 2011 May 24;

· Liguori G, Ollandini G, Pomara G, Amodeo A, Bertolotto M, Mazzon G, De Concilio B, Bucci S, Gattuccio I, Turchi P, Belgrano E, Trombetta C.
Role of renospermatic basal reflow and age on semen quality improvement after sclerotization of varicocele.
Urology. 2010 May;75(5):1074-8. Epub 2010 Feb 9;

· Liguori G, Amodeo A, De Concilio B, Benvenuto S, Napoli R, Ollandini G, Mazzon G, Trombetta C, Belgrano E.
Reconstructive penile surgery : a review.
Journal of Andrological Sciences. 2009 ; 16 (2-3) : 69-76.



I.A.U. & M.P.A.U. (International Alliance of Urolithiasis) 6° Annual Meeting, Shaoxing, Cina, Novembre 2017

· Difficult PCNLs with no access from below


E.R.U.S. (Robotic Urology Session of European Society of Urology) Annual Meeting, Bruges (Belgio), Settembre 2017

· A. Sridar, J. Thompson, G. Mazzon, A. Mohammed, P. Sooriakumaran, R. Prabhakar, S. Nathan, J. Kelly, T. Briggs
Achieving optimal bladder neck preservation during robotic prostatectomy in prostates with a large median lobe – a myth or reality (video)


I.A.U. & P.E.R.C.O.N. 7° International workshop on Basic & advanced Techniques of PCNL & 5° Annual Meeting International Alliance of Urolithiasis, New Delhi, India, Novembre 2016

· Can we estimate length of stay after PCNLs?


 13th International Symposium on Urolithiasis, Chiba, Giappone, Luglio 2016

· M. Bolgeri, G. Mazzon, S. Choong
Comparison of stone culture using two different methods (wet and dry) (poster)

· M. Bolgeri, G. Mazzon, S. Choong
Peri-operative outcomes of percutaneous stone surgery in patients with urinary diversions (poster)

· M. Bolgeri, G. Mazzon, S. Choong
Can we identify predictors for the risk of embolization following percutaneous nephrolithotomy? (poster)


A.U.A. (American Urological Association) Annual Meeting, San Diego (USA), May 2016.

· Giorgio Mazzon*, Marco Bolgeri, Rebecca Dale, Vimoshan Arumuham, Clare Allen, Alex Kirkham, Navin Ramachandran, Sian Allen, Daron Smith, Tim Philp, Simon Choong
Rendevous procedure to treat complex ureteroc discontinuities (poster)


E.A.U. (European Association of Urology) Annual Meeting, Munich (Germania), March 2016.

·  Mazzon G., Choong S., Smith D., Allen S., Pallavi P., Bolgeri M., Dale R., Allen C., Ramachandran N., Philp T.
Functional outcomes of rendezvous procedure to treat complex ureteric discontinuities (best poster of the session)

· Dale R., Mazzon G., Bolgeri M., Pal P., Longhorn S., Choong S., Philp T., Smith R.,    Allen S.
An analysis of factors influencing length of stay after percutaneous nephrolithotomy (poster)


W.C.E. (World Congress of Endourology) Annual Meeting, Londra,  ottobre 2015.

·  G Mazzon, S Choong, PO Pal, S Allen, D Smith,C Allen, A Kirkham, N Ramachandram,

M Walkden, T Philp
Long term outcomes of Rendezvous procedures (poster)

·  SE Allen, G Mazzon, P Pal, S Longhorn, T Philp, S Choong, D Smith
Do post-operative white cell count, C-reactive protein or stone culture results influence length of hospital stay after percutaneous nephrolithotomy? (poster)


S.I.U. (Italian Society of Urology) 86th Annual Meeting, Rimini (Italy), October 2013.

· G. Liguori, S. Ciampalini, N. Pavan, G. Chiapparrone, G. Mazzon, B. De Concilio, S. Bucci, E. Belgrano, C. Trombetta, G. Ollandini (video).
Induratio Penis Plastica and erectile dysfunction: corporoplasty with pelvicol patch and placement of three pieces penile prosthesis;

· F. Vedovo, N. Pavan, G. Liguori, R. Bussani, G. Mazzon, B. De Concilio, C. Trombetta (Poster).
Impact of genito-urinary lymphomas in North Italy in the last decade;

· G. Mazzon, D. De Concilio, G. Ollandini, S. Bucci, N. Pavan, M. Rizzo, C. Trombetta, D. Marega (Poster).
Predictive factors of the outcomes of Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy for ureteral Stones;

· G. Chiriacò, P. Umari, G. Mazzon, M. Rizzo, G. Ollandini, C. Trombetta (Poster).
divergence between real and perceived degree of curvature in the patient with penile curvature;


A.U.A. (American Urological Association) Annual Meeting, San Diego (USA), May 2013.

· C. Trombetta, G. Liguori, N. Pavan, S. Bucci, G. Mazzon, S. Benvenuto, S. Siracusano (poster).
Penile prosthesis implantation in female to male transsexual;
(J Urol, Vol. 189,(4), Suppl, Pages e651-e652);

· C. Trombetta, G. Liguori, S. Benvenuto, R. Napoli, P. Umari, M. Rizzo, N. Pavan, G. Mazzon, G. Ollandini, S. Siracusano, E. Belgrano (Video).
A new technique for sex gender reassigment surgery: the neourethroclitoroplasty
(J Urol, Vol. 189, (4), Suppl, Page e685);


E.A.U. (European Association of Urology) Annual Meeting, Milan (Italy), March 2013.

· G. Ollandini, G. Liguori, G. Mazzon, S. Bucci, S. Benvenuto, B. De Concilio, C. Trombetta (poster).
Should older patients be offered varicocele repair to improve their fertility?


S.I.U. (Italian Society of Urology) 85th Annual Meeting, Venice (Italy), October 2012.

· B. De Concilio, G. Ollandini, G. Liguori, G. Mazzon, S. Benvenuto, N. Pavan, S. Bucci, R.

Napoli, G. Chiriacò, E. Belgrano, C. Trombetta (poster).

Pre- and Post-operatory uroflowmetry in m-to-f patients;

· G. Ollandini, G. Liguori, G. Mazzon, B. De Concilio, S. Benvenuto, S. Bucci, C. Trombetta (poster).

Fertility in male patients after treatment of varicocele: the role of the age;


S.I.A. (Italian Society of Andrology) 27th Annual Meeting, Turin (Italy), October 2012.

· R. Napoli, G. Liguori, S. Bucci, S. Benvenuto, G. Ollandini, G. Mazzon, G. Tezzot, B. De

Concilio, E. Belgrano, C. Trombetta (poster).
Penile fracture: medium and long term outcomes, our experience;

· C. Trombetta, G. Mazzon, S. Cauci, G. Liguori, G. Ollandini, G. Chiriacò, B. De Concilio, S. Bucci,

N. Pavan, E. Belgrano (poster).

Post-Finasteride Syndrome: clinical evaluation in 83 patients.

· S. Bucci, G. Liguori, S. Benvenuto, G. Mazzon, G. Ollandini, R. Napoli, B. De Concilio, M. Rizzo, P.

Umari, C. Trombetta, E. Belgrano (poster).

Treatment of persistent idiopatic priapism: report of two cases.


1st Joint Meeting of Pathology and Laboratory Diagnostics, Udine (Italy), September 2012
(Italian Society of Pathology in collaboration with the American Society for Investigative Pathology).

· F. La Marra, C. Di Loreto, G. Mazzon, G. Chiriacò, C. Trombetta, S. Cauci. (poster).

Preliminary Evidence of a Peculiar Hormonal Profile in Men with Adverse Effects After Use of Finasteride Against Androgenetic Alopecia (AJP September 2012, Vol. 181: S8);


S.I.E.U.N. (Italian Society of Urological and Nephrological Ultrasound) 18th National Meeting, Stresa (Italy), May 2012.

· G. Liguori, S. Bucci, S. Benvenuto, , G. Ollandini, G. Mazzon, A. Boltar, G. d’Aloia, R. Napoli, E.

Belgrano. (poster).
Emergency cryopreservation of seminal fluid after severe scrotal trauma;

· N. Pavan, M. Bertolotto, G. Liguori, S. Bucci, S. Benvenuto, G. Mazzon, G. Ollandini, B. De

Concilio, E. Belgrano, C. Trombetta (oral).
Pre- and Post-operatory imaging after penile prosthesis implantation in androginoid patients;


E.A.U. (European Society of Urology) Annual Meeting, Paris (France), February 2012.

· Trombetta C, Mazzon G, Liguori G, Ollandini G, Cauci S, Toffoli G, Cecchin E (poster).

Clinical analysis in young patients with persistent sexual dysfunction after finasteride assumption for male pattern hair loss (Eur Urol, 12 April 2012 page 698, Suppl);


S.I.U. (Italian Society of Urology) 84th National Meeting, Rome (Italy), October 2011.

· G. Liguori, A. Zordani, S. Ciampalini, S. Bucci, S. Benvenuto, G. Ollandini, G. Mazzon (video)

      E. Belgrano, C. Trombetta.

     Tricomponent penile prosthesis implantation with modified no-touch tecnique;

· C. Trombetta, M. Petrovic, G. Liguori, S. Bucci, S. Benvenuto, R. Napoli, G. Mazzon

G. Ollandini, B. De Concilio, E. Belgrano (video).
Neoclitoridoplasty in male-to-female sexual reassignment: our tecnique;


S.I.A. (Italian Society of Andrology) 26th National Meeting, Fiuggi (Italy), November  2011.

· C. Trombetta, G. Liguori, S. Bucci, S., G. Mazzon, G. Ollandini, E.Belgrano (Golden video of the congress).

Neourethroclitoridoplasty: our new technique;


S.I.U. (Italian Society of Urology) 83rd National Meeting, Milan (Italy), October 2010.

· G. Liguori, C. Trombetta, S. Benvenuto, A. Lissiani, S. Bucci, G. Ocello, G. Mazzon,

G. Ollandini, R. Napoli, B. De Concilio, E. Belgrano (Poster).
Obstructive azoospermia: microsurgical strategies;


S.I.A. (Italian Society of Andrology) 25th National Meeting, Rome (Italy), November  2010.

· G. Liguori, S. Benvenuto, S. Bucci, B. De Concilio, G. Ollandini, G. Mazzon, R. Napoli, C.

Trombetta, E. Belgrano (poster).
Iterative modified double brest corporoplasty after surgical failure;

· C. Trombetta, G. Mazzon, R. Napoli, G. Ollandini, G. Liguori, S. Bucci, E. Belgrano (oral).

Outcomes of vasectomy: review of our experience from 1995 to 2009;

· G. Liguori, S. Bucci, G. Ollandini, B. De Concilio, R. Napoli, G. Mazzon, M. Petrovic, E. Belgrano,

C. Trombetta (poster).
Early and late complications after male-to-female sexual reassignment surgery;

· G. Ollandini, G. Mazzon, G. Ocello, B. de Concilio, S. Benvenuto, R. Napoli, A. Zordani,

S. Bucci, E. Federico, G. Liguori, C. Trombetta (poster).
Rehabilitation of erectile function after radical prostatectomy: our experience;


S.I.E.U.N. (Italian Society of urological and nephrological ultrasound) 16th  National Meeting, Bari (Italy), May 2010.

· G. Ocello, G. Mazzon, R. Napoli, G. Ollandini, B. de Concilio, S. Benvenuto, S. Bucci, G. Liguori,

M. Bertolotto, C. Trombetta, E. Belgrano (poster).

Standard ultrasound versus real time spatial compound ultrasonography (c-us) in patients with high grade La Peyronie disease.


S.I.A. (Italian Society of Andrology) 24th  National Meeting, Catania (Italy), November  2009.

· C. Trombetta, G. Mazzon, L. Scati, G. Liguori, G. Ollandini, S. Benvenuto, S. Bucci, E. Belgrano

Long term sexual evaluation in men treated for tumour of the testis;

· G. Liguori, S. Benvenuto, C. Trombetta, A. Amodeo, G. Mazzon, G. Ollandini, B. de Concilio, E.

Belgrano (poster).
Vaginal Stenosis after male to female sexual reassignment: reconstructive technique;

·  C. Trombetta, G. Liguori, G. Mazzon, R. Bussani, S. Bucci, G. Ollandini, E. Belgrano (poster);

A case of malignant degeneration of cystoadenoma of the epididymis in patient with Von Hippel-Lindau disease;

· M. Bertolotto, G. Liguori, C. Trombetta, S. Bucci, G. Ollandini, G. Mazzon, G. Ocello, B. de

Concilio, A. Amodeo, E. Belgrano (poster).
Doppler ultrasound evaluation of caverno-spongious comunication in patients with high flow priapism;

· C. Trombetta, G. Liguori, A. Lissiani, S. Bucci, A. Amodeo, S. Benvenuto, G. Mazzon, G.

Ollandini, E. Belgrano (golden video of the congress).  
Male to female sexual reassignment surgery: Trieste technique;

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