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Pilar Laguna



Name  Laguna Pes

First names  Maria del Pilar

Born  5 January 1956

Place of birth: Barcelona (Spain)

Work adressIstanbul Medipol University

TEM Avrupa Otoyolu Göztepe Çıkışı No: 1 Bağcılar

34214 İstanbul, Turkey

Telephone at work+90 537 604 1778



1973–1979      Autonomous University, Barcelona

                        Studies of Medicine

1979–1982      Hospital del Sagrado CorazónBarcelona

                        Doctor in training at the department of Urology

1982–1988      Hospital del Sagrado CorazónBarcelona

                        Medical Staff of Urology

1989–1995      Fundación Puigvert Barcelona

                        Medical Staff of Urology

1989–1995      Autonomous University Barcelona

                        Docent Activity

1995–2000      Hospital Gral La Mancha Centro, Alcazar de San Juan

                        Chairperson at the department of Urology

2000–2002      UMC St. Radboud Nijmegen

                         Medical Staff at the department of Urology

2002 - present  Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

                         Medical Staff at the department of Urology

2015                 Professor in Surgical Urological Oncology
                         Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

2018                 Professor in Urology

                          Istanbul Medipol University, Istanbul, Turkey



March 2003 University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas Grade of European Doctor in Medicine “Cum Laude”.

Thesis Doctoral: ”La sigmoidoplastia distal destubulizada (Neovejiga Canaria): una nueva sustitución vesical. Estudio clinico y funcional.”


‘’The distal detubulized sigmoidoplasty: a new bladder

         substitution, clinical and functional study’’



1. Dr C.A. Mochtar: prognostic factors for clinical progression after treatment of BPH (April 4th 2006).

2. Dr S. Gravas: TUMT treatment of BPH: from evidence based guidelines to clinical practice (April 20th 2007).

3. Dr M.M. van Dijk: Balancing clinical outcomes and quality of life aspects in the treatment of LUTS/BPH (January 22nd 2010).

4. Dr I. Kümmerlin: Renal tumours in the Netherlands- a decade of pathology and a plea for biopsy (November 11th 2010).

5. Dr G.P. Haber: Adaptation of Emerging Technologies to Urologic Oncology Applications (November 16th 2010).

6. Dr P. Beemster: Defining the position of cryoablation in the therapeutic armamentarium of small renal masses (January 11th 2012).

7. Dr K. Barwari: Renal tumor ablation:beyond limitations of biopsy and follow-up (December 18th 2012).

8. Dr L.P.W.Witte: Muscarinic Receptors in the Lower Urinary Tract (May 26th 2015).

9. Dr W. vd Bos: Focal therapy in prostate cancer (May 26th 2016).

10. Dr. M.N. Hew: Reflections on the current knowledge of epidemiology, treatment and prognosis for renal cell carcinoma (December 23rd 2016).



1. Dr P. Wagstaff: New techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of renal masses (May 26th  2016).

2. Dr. E. van der Toom: Circulating and Disseminated Tumor Cells in Patients with High-Risk and Metastatic Genitourinary Cancers (May 25th 2018).



§ Member of the “Asociación Española de Urologia”, since 1981.

§ Member of the “Societat Catalana d´Urologia”, since 1992 . Member of the Board from 1994 to 1996.

§ Member of the “Societé Internationale d´Urologie”, since 1994.

§ Full Member of the “European Association of Urology “, since 1995.

§ Member of the “Asociación Castellano-Manchega de Urologia”, since its constitution in 1998 until 2000.

§ Member of the “Comite Clinico de Enfermedades Infecciosas” of the Hospital Gral. La Mancha Centro, since 1995 until 2000.

§ Member and Secretary of the “CEIC del Hospital Gral. La Mancha- Centro”, since April 1996 until 2000.

§ Member of the “CME Committee” of the European Board of Urology, since 1997 until 2000. And treasurer of the Committee from November 1998 until 2000.

§ Member of the “Uro-Oncological Committee “ of the HCO European Association of Urology since its constitution, 1998. Chairperson of the Testis Cancer subgroup until 2006.

§ Member of the Spanish Group for Oncological Study (“CUETO”) since 1998 until 2000.

§ Coordinator of International Projects of the Hospital General La Mancha-Centro since 1997until 2000.

§ Member of the Capitulo Español in the Societé Internationale  D”Urologie since 1995.

§ Member of the Editorial Committee of Annales  d´Urologie (Paris), since 1996 until its disparition in 2002.

§ Member of the Editorial Committe of Archivos Españoles de Urologia, since 1998.

§ Member of the Editorial Committe of Urologia Integrada y de Investigacion, since 1999.

§ Member of the Jury of the XXII edition of the Award Perez Castro (1999-2000).

§ Member of the Board of the Media Office EAU, since 2001 until 2008.

§ Member of the American Urological Association( AUA) since 2005.

§ Member of de Endourological Society since 2000.

§ Member of the Board of the ESUT (EAU Section of Urotechnology) since 2007 and chairperson ablative working party EAU

§ Member of the Editorial Board of European Urology since 2007

§ Member of the Editorial board of Journal of Endourology since 2007 and section editor reviewer Journal of Endourology

§ Associate editor Central European Journal

§ BKO-certificate



§ J.J.M.C.H. de la Rosette, M.P. Laguna, P.J. Zondervan: Laparoscopic and Percutaneous Cryoablation of Small Renal Masses. In Ahmed, K. et al. The management of small renal masses. Springer International Publishing AG, 2018. ISBN 978-3-319-65656-4



§ Award of Endourology of the Asociation Française d´Urologie for the best poster: “Uretrotomie endoscopique vs uretrotomie plus laser”. Authors: M.P. Laguna Pes, J. Vicente Rodriguez, J. Salvador, J. Caffaratti. Congres Français d´Urologie. Paris, 1989.

§ Award: Video Archivos de Urologia. “Prótesis prostática en espiral”. Authors: J. Vicente Rodriguez, J. Salvador, M.P. Laguna Pes. 1991.

§ Award of the Asociación Española de Urologia for the best poster. “Pseudotumores de la via urinaria alta”. Authors: O. Laucirica, J. Iglesias, M.P. Laguna Pes, H. Villavicencio Marvrich. Congreso Nacional de Urologia. Lanzarote, 1991.

§ Award best poster of the Congres Français d´Urologie. “Prostatotomie bilateral vs Prostatotomie unilateral”. Authors: M.P. Laguna Pes, F. Sanchez-Martin, J.Martinez-Hurtado, J.Palou, J. Vicente Rodriguez. Paris 1993.

§ Award Abbott Urologia. “Induce la Hormonoterapia neoadyuvante cambios morfologicos en el cancer  prostatico localmente avanzado?”. Authors: H. Villavicencio Marvrich, F. Algaba, M.P. Laguna Pes, X. Ponce de León. 1993.

§ Award Video Urology 1992

§ Grant of the FIS (Fondo de Investigaciones Sanitarias ). Project : “Estudio del valor pronóstico de los factores de coagulación en el cancer prostático”. 1993.

§ Grant of  Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha.Project :“Estudio del cociente PSAL/PSAT en el diagnostico precoz del cancer de prostata”. 1996.

§ Grant of the HOPE Program (Insalud). Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Bordeaux (France). 1999.

§ Accesit to the prize of the EAU “Ponce de Leon” to the best thesis in urodynamics. Grupo espaňol de Incontinencia y urologia funtional . 2004.  

§ 2015 Principal Investigator




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Local Tumour Ablation or Observation for Kidney Cancer: A Competing Risks

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