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Kamran Ahmed




Medical Qualifications

FRCS Urol (2016)Royal College of Surgeons of England, United Kingdom

PhD (2013)Imperial College London (2008-11), United Kingdom

MRCS (2007)Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Edinburgh, United Kingdom


MB.BS (2002)Rawalpindi Medical College, Pakistan (Punjab University)



- Core urology with specialist interest in andrology, male factor fertility management and reconstructive urethral surgery


 - Academic interests: quantitative & qualitative research, outcome based research, surgical education, curriculum-development, and patient safety



· Assessment of orchidectomy specimens to identify whether spermatogenesis was present in malignant testes, and what features affected spermatogenesis. (n=103) Radical orchidectomy specimens assessment by pathologist.  Outcome parameters included: Tumour stage, type, volume, presence of testicular microlithiasis (TML) and the relationship to spermatogenesis

My Role: drafting of the document, data analysis, and supervision of iBSC student with Mr M Shabbir. Accepted for presentation at AUA 2017.

· Systematic Reviews on the following topics: ‘Role of hormone replacement for non-obstructive azoospermia’; ‘Non-interventional management of Peyronie’s Disease’

My Role: Data collection, analysis and supervision of research students

· Development and validation of ‘curriculum’ (Modulated stepped training with integration of operating room and simulation based training) for mentorship training of robotic assisted surgical procedures. ERUS (EAU Robotic Urology Section) is leading the programme under supervision of Prof Prokar Dasgupta, Prof Alex Mottrie, Prof Walter Artibani, and Prof Peter Wiklund.

My role: Leading focus group meetings and scientific aspects of educational input for development and validation of the curriculum. Two specialist focus group meetings ERUS Meeting London (Sept 2012); EAU Annual Meeting, Milan (Mar 2013)

· Development and validation of effectiveness of centralised simulation based training programme in urology (face validity, content validity, construct validity, economic impact and acceptability). London Deanery funded Urology Simulation training programme at Guy’s Hospital, London (King’s Health Partners). Project Leads are Professor Prokar Dasgupta and Mr MS Khan. Currently this programme is being developed across the UK and data collection for National validation in process.

My role: Coordination of programme at Guy’s & St Thomas NHS Trust. This programme has been approved to be launched as the National Simulation Training Programme at the BAUS 2011 Meeting (SIMULATE). (BJU International 2012)

· Development, adaptation and validation of The Productive Operating Theatre (TPOT) concept in urology operating theatres (Sept 2010 – Oct 2011). Outcome parameters: Time, Cost and Communication effectiveness. Prospective qualitative, quantitative and observational study.

My Role: Data collection, collaboration with the project manager and write up (Urol Int 2013); Won best poster prize EAU 2012.

· Evaluation of learning curve on robotic surgery virtual reality simulators. Aim is to develop and validate virtual reality simulation based curriculum for basic nephrectomy and robotic procedural skills.

My Role: Designed the project and currently recruiting participants. (Presented at BAUS/SARS, Nottingham 2012)

· Project evaluating face, content and construct validities of ‘Portable Operating Theatre’ (Patent – Imperial College London). Funded by the London Deanery. (Annals of Surgery July 2011)

My role: Participant recruitment and conducted phase two of the experimental study

· Clinical trial of a ‘Wireless electronic patch for monitoring of vital signs in hospitalised patients’. Project sponsored by the TOUMAZ and CAREFUSION (Biomedical Industries). It involves three phases: validation of device on SimMan, validation in pre- and post-operative patients and validation in clinically challenging patients. The trial is its completion phase and ready for dissemination. (Trial completed and report submitted).

My Role: Involvement in patient-recruitment, data collection and supervised a research nurse.

· Clinical trial for ‘prediction of pain’ in patients undergoing major cardiac abdominal and thoracic procedures (150 patients). It includes assessment of quality of life, analgesia prediction and development of chronic pain. (Trial completed American Journal of Surgery 2011) (Published Pain Medicine)

My role: Design, ethics approval, conducted the study

· Qualitative and quantitative (data base) studies for ‘evaluation of academic research performance’ at multi-institutional levels (Imperial College London).

My role: Data collection and analysis (Post Graduate Medical Journal; BJU International)

· ‘Imperial College Competency Assessment Tool’ (ICCAT)

As the clinical lead (Dec 2007 to July 2008) under the supervision of Professor Ara Darzi, I organised and conducted assessment sessions for independent practitioners (organised by the DoH). ICCAT is an objective structural assessment of technical skills examination that involves assessment through both observational (rating scales) and non-observational (virtual reality and motion analysers) tools.


My role: Conducted the study, conveyed results to the Department of Health (DoH) and data analysis.



· Award: £5000 grant from the Coptcoat Charity Evaluation of a novel 3D-printed portable cystoscopy device in urological training and practice.  Madeleine Landin, Kamran Ahmed, Prokar Dasgupta. Mar 2019

· Award: £5000 grant from the Coptcoat Charity. Evaluation of the Microsoft HoloLens as a Training Tool in Urological Laparoscopic Procedures. Nurhan Abbud, Kamran Ahmed, Prokar Dasgupta. Mar 2019

· KMRT Joint Research Committee Award, King’s Health Partners. Mental health survivorship programme for prostate and testicular cancers – men’s health maintenance and development programme (MHMDP). £81,330 (2019-2022)

· London Deanery Simulation Training Programme – Urology. Health Education England. (HEE); £22,000 grant for 2018-19

· Best Short Communication Prize; Validation and Transferability of the SIMULATE Ureterorenoscopy Training Curriculum: A Multicenter International Study. K Ahmed, N Raison, T Abe, M Shamim Khan, P Dasgupta. Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE); Annual Meeting Switzerland Aug 2018

· Nutritional supplements in idiopathic male infertility: A systematic review. Best Poster for the Poster Session 149; 33rd Annual European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress, March 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark.

· Senior Lectureship Support and Research Grant. Pelicans Foundation, 717A North Circular Road, London NW2 7AH (£250,000 for five years). Jan 2018

· The Urology Foundation (TUF) Robotic Surgery Trianing Programme Grant.  M Shamim Khan, Kamran Ahmed, Prokar Dasgupta. TUF Jan 2018 (£75,000) Training Programme Grant for structured cadaveric and mini-fellowship training in 3 UK centres.

· London School of Surgery – Grant for Simulation Training in Urology; Renewable grant since 2012 (10,000 yearly)

· Award: £5000 grant from the Coptcoat Charity. Microsoft Hololens – A novel approach to enhancing non-technical skills. Hasaneen Al Janabi, Kamran Ahmed, Prokar Dasgupta. Dec 2018

· Award: £5000 grant from the Coptcoat Charity Development of Training pathway for urethroplasty reconstutive surgery and validation of 3D training Model. Sara Jasionowska, Kamran Ahmed. Dec 2018

· Validation and Transferability of the SIMULATE Ureterorenoscopy Training Curriculum “Best Abstract” awards; Société Internationale d'Urologie (SIU); Lisbon, Portugal. 19th – 22nd Oct 2017

· Validation of the European SIMULATE ureterorenoscopy training curriculum. Best Poster for the Poster Session 54: Improving standards through education and training. 32nd Annual European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress, March 2017, London, UK

· Award: £5000 grant from the Coptcoat Charity Radical Orchidectomy And Fertility Preservation. Jemma Moody, Kamran Ahmed, Majed Shabbir. Jan 2017

· Award: £2250 grant from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Validation of Robotix Simulator – Advance Prostatectomy Module. Patrick Harrison, Kamran Ahmed, Nicholas Raison, Prokar Dasgupta.  Dec 2016

· Award: £5000 grant from The Urology Foundation (TUF); Development and Validation of a Flexible Ureterorenoscopy Training Curriculum. Dec 2016

· 2nd prize: Development and validation of a tool for training and assessment of non-technical skills in robot assisted surgery.
Wood T., Raison N., Brunckhorst O., Ross T., Wallace L., Challacombe B., Callaghan C., Thurairaja R., Catterwell R., Kessaris N., Khan S., Loukopoulos I., Van Rij S., Blecher G., Wong K., Van Der Poel H., Buffi N., Murphy D., Gavazzi A., Mcilhenny C., Dasgupta P., Ahmed K. Young Urologist Section EAU Robotic Urology Symposium (ERUS) – Junior ERUS, September 2016, Milan, Italy

· 1st prize: Competency based training for virtual reality simulation in robotic surgery.
Raison N., Ahmed K., Fossati N., Buffi N., Brinkman W., Mottrie A., Prokar D., Van Der Poel H. EAU Robotic Urology Symposium (ERUS) – Junior ERUS, September 2016, Milan, Italy

· Best Poster: Section: “What’s new in the field of urological education and training” at the 31st Annual Congress of the European Association of Urology (EAU) March, 2016, Munich. “Learning curve in robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: Practice makes perfect, but what practice?” 
(Lovegrove C, Dasgupta P, Ahmed K et al.)

· Best Oral Presentation. 3rdr UAE Clinical Simulation & 2nd SESAM MENA Conference, Dubai, UAE; Feb 2016 (Aydin A, Dasgupta P, Khan MS, Ahmed K).

· The Urology Foundation (TUF) Robotic Surgery Trianing Programme Grant.  M Shamim Khan, Kamran Ahmed, Prokar Dasgupta. TUF Jan 2016 (£108,000) Training Programme Grant for training in 5 UK centres.

· Award: £5000 grant from the Coptcoat Charity. Robot-Assisted Training – Expert Performance in Full Immersion Simulation, Setting the Benchmark. Talisa Ross, Ahmed K, Dasgupta P. Jan 2016.

· Award: £2500 grant from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Development and evaluation of a cognitive traininging tool for laparoscopic surgery – a randomised controlled trial. Lauren Wallace, Kamran Ahmed, Prokar Dasgupta.

· 1st Prize Young Urologist Section EAU Robotic Urology Symposium (ERUS) – Junior ERUS, September 2015. Bilbao, Spain. “Multi-institutional Development & Validation Of The RARP Score For Training & Assessment”

· 3rd Prize, Young Urologist Section EAU Robotic Urology Symposium (ERUS) – Junior ERUS, September 2015, Bilbao, Spain.  "Simulation-based robotic surgery training: Validation of the RobotiX mentor simulator"

· Award: £5000 grant from the Coptcoat Charity. Development of iPhone / Android Apps for Urological Cancers – Prostate Cancer. Ousuri P, Ahmed K, Dasgupta P. Jan 2015

· Award: £5000 grant from the Coptcoat Charity. Use of Wearable technology (Google Glass) for training and assessment of surgical skills. MH Iqbal, Ahmed K, Dasgupta P. Jan 2015

· Award: £5000 grant from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Ureteroscopy Training Pathway – Development of training tool in simulated environment. Ahmed S, Ahmed K, Dasgupta P. Jan 2015

· Award: £5000 grant from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Development and validation of checklist and task analysis for robot assisted partial and radical nephrectomy. Bruce E, Ahmed K, Dasgupta P. Jan 2015

· 2nd Prize Poster/Podium presentation – best paper session: EAU Robotic Urology Section (ERUS), Annual Meeting, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Sept 2014). Development And Validation Of The Checklist Based Assessment Tool For Robot Assisted Radical Prostatectomy.

· Best Poster; Session: Radical prostatectomy for clinically localized prostate cancer. Multi-institutional validation of the ERUS robotic surgery training curriculum. 29th Annual EAU Congress, Stockholm, Sweden. 11-15th April, 2014

· Award: £5000 grant from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Development and validation of checklist and task analysis for robot assisted radical prostatectomy. Lovegrove C, Ahmed K, Dasgupta P. Jan 2013

· Award: £5000 grant from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Ureteroscopy curriculum development in simulation envronment. Brunckhorst O, Ahmed K, Dasgupta P. Jan 2013

· Best poster presentation at the EAU Robotic Urology Symposium (ERUS). Towards a standardised training curriculum in robotic surgery - Consensus of an international multidisciplinary group of experts. Awarded one month ERUS Fellowship at European centres. Stockholm, Sweden 3-5th, Sept 2013.

· The 2nd International Forum on Frontiers in Urology (IFFU). 2nd International Simulation Competition for Young Urologists; Awarded excellent candidate category in the urological simulation competition. (April 19-21, 2013). Beijing, China.

· Best poster - Session: ‘Laparoscopy: Training, new technologies and techniques’. Learning curves for urological procedures - a systematic review. 28th Annual EAU Congress, Milan, Italy. 15-19 March 2013

· Selection of the best poster of the Junior ERUS 2012 poster contest “How reliable and valid are the robot assisted surgical simulators?” Abboudi H, Khan MS, Guru K, Dasgupta P, Ahmed K. European Robotic Urology Symposium (ERUS), London, UK Sept 2012

· Best Poster Presentation. Session: Improving our surgical environment: Simulation and safety. Title: Introducing The Productive Operating Theatre (TPOT) programme in urology theatre suites.  European Association of Urology (EAU), Annual Meeting, Paris, France, Feb 2012

· ‘Excellence in Education Innovation Trophy' for Urology STeLI Programme. London Deanery’s Simulation Conference, ‘Checklists, Guidelines and Protocols – embedding patient safety’. Dasgupta P, Khan MS, Ahmed K. 20th December, 2010

· The Hunterian Scholarship from the Hunterian Society, London 2010-12. Dissertation/project title: ‘John Hunter’s contribution to medical education’. Scholarship for completion of Medical History Diploma (DHMSA) at the Society of Apothecaries.


· Project grant on wireless monitoring of the vital signs using a sternal patch (CI: Dr Stephen Brett). Grant body – Carefusion - United States. Salary and consumable cost (£ 43,490)



· PhD Degree Supervisor (Kings College London)

· Abdullatif Aydin (2014-2017); National Simulation Training Programme – Randomised Controlled Trial; Funded by the Urology Foundation; Supported by the BAUS. Supervisors – Kamran Ahmed & Prokar Dasgupta

· Nicholas Raison (2015 – 17); Multi-Institutional Validation and Assessment of Training Modalities in Robotic Surgery – The MARS project. Funded by the Vattikuti Foundation. Supervisors – Kamran Ahmed & Prokar Dasgupta

· BSC Advance Anatomy and Human Biology / Surgical Sciences Projects; King’s College London. Surgical Sciences Module

BSC Theses supervisions (Degrees completed):

· Eilidh Bruce – Development of RAPN / LARN training pathways (2015)

· Alexandra Lowdon – Cognitive overloading – how to avoid for training (2015)

· Husnain Iqbal – Use of wearable technology for training (Google Glass – 2015)

· Talisa Ross – Concurrent validity for full immersion robotic surgery training (2016)

· Lauren Wallace – Laparoscopic cognitive skills training – RCT (2016)

· Catherine Lovegrove – Development and Validation of the RARP Assessment Score for Training and Assessment of Robot Assisted Radical Prostatectomy (2013-14)

· Oliver Brunckhorst – Development and validation of simulation – based ureteroscopy curriculum (2013-14)

· Cameron Kuronen-Stewart - Development and validation of curriculum for virtual reality training model for Holmium laser surgery (2013-14)

· Abdullatif Aydin – Validation of green-light TURP virtual reality simulator (2012-13)

· Janki Patel – Validation of safety checklist in surgery (2012-13)

· Michael Michael – RCT of tablet skills trainer and laparoscopy conventional stack (2012-13)

· BSc Surgery and Anaesthesia, Imperial College London. Supervised 2 students. Successful completion of projects (first position) and degrees awarded (2009-10)

· M Jawad – Development of ward round assessment tool (SWAT). Degree awarded 2010

· RS Khan – Predication of pain in surgical patients. Degree awarded 2010 (First position)

· MSc Surgical Technology, Imperial College London. Supervised 4 students. Projects are completed and degrees awarded (2009-11)

· JN Papanikitas, CT2 General Surgery – 2010 (degree awarded)

· Dayal Mukherjee, FY2 Surgery – 2010 (degree awarded)

· Siva Muthukumarasamy, ST3 radiology – 2010 (degree awarded)

· Rajib Das, ST3 radiology – 2009 (degree awarded)

· SSM (medical student research study modules), research projects at King’s College London

· George Whittaker (Year 4 student): Validation of Simbionix Robotic Surgery Simulator. May 2015

· N Khan (Year 3 student); The productive operating theatre (TPOT) programme 2011-12

· N Khan (Year 3 student); Development of Surgical Safety Checklist for Robotic operating 2011-12

· MM Malik (year 3 student); SEP Robot learning curve study 2012




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