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Christian G. Chaussy


M.D., F.R.C.S.(hons), Professor of Urology



High School:Bismarck-Gymnasium, Karlsruhe, FRG

Graduation: June 1965

Medical School:  University of Munich, Munich, FRG

Graduation: December 1970


Postgraduate Education:


Department of Internal Medicine

University of Munich



Department of Surgery

University of Munich





Institute for Surgical Research

University of Munich

1972 - 1974



Department of Urology

University of Munich

1975 - 1979


Licensures / Certifications:

M.D.FRG - German Government

October 17th, 1972


Dr. med.FRG - University of Munich

June 13th, 1972


German Board

of Urology:January 26th, 1980


Dr. med. habil.:

Venia legendi for the subject of Urology

University of Munich

February 20th, 1980


February 7th, 1980

First treatment worldwide of a Patient with kidney

Stone with Extracorporeal ShockWave Lithotripsy (ESWL)



Professor of Urology

University of Munich

August 31st, 1981


California Board of Medical Quality Assurance

(License type 2114)

January 28, 1985


Hospital Appointments:

Department of Surgery (Transplantation Unit)

University of  Cambridge, UKJan. - May 1975


Transplantation Unit

University of Munich

Active Staff and Co-Director  1975 - 1976

Consultant  1977 - 1984


Municipial Hospital Munich Thalkirchner Strasse

Active Staff  1975 - 1978


Klinikum Grosshadern

University of Munich

Active Staff  1978 - 1979

Senior Staffmember  1980 - 1984


Department of Surgery, Division of Urology

UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, California

Faculty and Director of the  Stone Center

Professor of Urology / Surgery  1985 - 1986


Municipial, University associated Hospital

Munich - Harlaching

Chairman, Department of Urology  1986- 2010


Municipial, University associated Hospital

Munich - Harlaching

Member of the Board of Directors, Laser Center  1997 - 2004


Municipial, University associated Hospital

Munich - Harlaching

Medical Co-Director  1998 – 2002


Teaching Appointments:

Institute for Surgical Research

University of Munich  1972 - 1974


Transplantation Unit

University of Munich  1975 - 1984


Instructor in Urology

University of Munich  1975 - 1979


Assistant Professor of Urology

University of Munich  1979 - 1980


Professor of Urology

University of Munichsince  1981


Consultant Prof. of Urology University Regensburgsince   2012


Clinical Prof. of Urology Keck School of Medicine USC  2011 - 2015


Director of the Stone Center

Department of Urology

University of Munich  1980 - 1984


Director of the continuous ESWL and

Endourology training program

Department of Urology

University of Munich  1982 - 1984


Professor of Surgery / Urology

UCLA Medical Center Los Angeles, California  1985 - 1986


Director of the continuous ESWL and

Endourology Training Program

UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles, Ca.  1985 - 1986


Chairman Department of Urology

Municipial, university associated Hospital

Munich - Harlaching

Full Professor and Member of the Medical Faculty  1986 - 2010


Examiner for  Medical Exams, Univ. of Munich  1987 - 2010


Examiner for the Board of Urology, Bavaria, FRG  1987 - 2012



Langenbeck Award of the German Surgical Society

"Experimentelle Grundlagen der Xenogenen Organtrans - plantation"  1975


C.E. Alken Award of the German Urological Society

"Experimentelle Studien zur Stosswellen Lithotripsie von

Nierensteinen"  1976


Maximilian-Nitze Award of the German Urological Society

"Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy"  1981


The Benjamin Franklin Literary & Medical Society Award    1981


Motion Picture Award of the German Urological Society

"Extracorporale Stosswellen Lithoripsie!  1982


Motion Picture Award of the American Urological Ass.

"Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy"  1983


Poster Award of the German Urological Society

"Haematoporphyrin-Derivat - Photosensibilisierende

Substanz zur Frühdiagnose und Therapie des Blasen - karzinoms  1983


C.E. Alken Award of the German Urological Society

"Integrale Photoradiotherapie des Blasenkarzinoms nach tumorselektiver Photosensibilisierung mit Haemato - porphyrin-Derivat (HPD)  1983


Heinrich-Spohr Award of the Society of Friends and Sponsors of the University of Duesseldorf  1984


"Gruene Rosette" of the European Science Award for the European Science  1985


First Prize of the Western Section of the AUA

Poster: "Management of ESWL complications"  1987


Distinguished Contribution Award of the AUA  1989


Anniversary Award of the German Surgical Society  1991


International Lithotripsy Award of Dornier Medical Systems  1994


Klinikfoerderpreis (First Prize) Landesbank Munich  2000


Lingen Award  2001


Lifetime Award Vision and Achievement

(Endourological Society)  2007



Election for Corresponding Membership of the AUA1983


Honorary Membership Brazilian College of Surgeons1985


Honorary Membership Bay Urological Society1986


Honorary Membership Urological Association

Republic of  China1987


Honorary Membership Western Section AUA1989


Honorary Professorship

Medical University of Beijing, China1990


Election for Membership American Association of Clinical Urologists1994


Honorary Fellowship Royal College of Surgeons

Edinburgh, UK1998


Cross of  the order of merit on Ribbon Federal Republic of Germany2009


Lifetime Achievement HonoraryMembership EULIS2011


Election as International Consultant for the International         2013

Alliance of Urolithiasis (IAU)


Honorary Membership Georgian Urological Association2015


Honorary Membership American Urological Association



Honorary Membership Endourological Society2018


Official Positions:

Editor "Beruehrungsfreie Nierensteinzertruemmerung durch extracorporal erzeugte fokussierte Stosswellen"

by Karger Publ. 1980


Editor "Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy"

by Karger Publ.1981


Editorial Board "Urologe B" 1983 - 1990


Member, Film-Jury German Urological Asscociation 1983 - 1992


Vize-President, German Society for Lithotripsy 1984 - 1990


President, International ESWL Society 1984 - 1987


Consultant, Committee "PCN and ESWL" AUA 1984 - 1997


Editor: 2nd Edition "Extracorporeal Shock Wave

Lithotripsy" by Karger Publ.1985


Member, Committee on ESWL Training, AUA1984 - 1997


Editorial Board "Urologe A" - Editor1985 - 1987


Editorial Board "Urologe A" - Membersince 1987


Member, Quality Assurance Committee, UCLA1985 - 1990


Editorial Board "Newsletter on Endourology and ESWL - since 1986: Journal of Endourology1985 - 2016


President "German Lithotripsy Society"since 1990


Editor, "Stosswellenlithotripsie", Attempto Publ. 1993


Editor " Die Stosswelle", Attempto Publ. 1995


President "European Intrarenal Surgery Society"1995


Editor "High Energy Shock Waves in Medicine"

Thieme Publ.1997


Board of Directors, Laser Center,

Krankenhaus Munich-Harlaching               1997 - 1999


Medical Co-Director,

Municipial, university associated Hospital

Munich-Harlaching1998 - 2000


Editor “Therapeutic Energy Applications in Urology”

Thieme Publ. Stuttgart, New York2005


Scientific Chairman 27th WCE in Munich2009


President Elect Endourological Society2010


President Endourological Society2011



German Society for Experimental Sugerysince 1972


European Society for Surgical Researchsince 1972


German Urological Societysince 1976


European Society for Organ Transplantationsince 1983


European Intrarenal Surgery Societysince 1983


Kuratorium für Heimdialysesince 1983


R.O.C.K. Society1985 - 1990


Los Angeles County Urological Societysince 1985


Max-Planck-Societysince 1986


Society of Friends and Sponsors for the

Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ. Munichsince 1995


Publications, Lectures, Visiting Professorships:

Author and Co-Author of more than 450 medical articles and publications  

More than 700 Lectures, Presentations, Appointments as Visiting Professor , Orations and  Invitational Lectures 

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