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Ivan Gorgotsky

School: 1991-2001 – Kirov Physics and Mathematics Lyceum
University:  2002-2008 – Saint-Petersburg State Medical Academy
Residency:  2008-2010 – Urology dept. of Saint-Petersburg State Medical Academy
                    2010-2013 – graduate student of Urological dept. of North-West State Medical University
                    2013 – PhD
International scholarship:
August 2006 – Surgical dept. of Oncology Research Center, Novy Sad city, Serbia (student exchange program)
Jule 2007 – Urology clinic of Pilsen city, Czech Republic (student exchange program)
September 2010 – European Urology Residents Education Program (EUREP), Prague, Czech Republic.
July 2017 - ESU/Weill-Cornell Master Class Urology seminar, Salzburg, Austria.
April 2018 –Medical Quality and Safety seminar, Salzburg, Austria
International conference speaker:
November 8, 2016 - speaker at World Congress of Endourology 2016 (Cape Town): "Ultrasound guided PCNL: A practical approach to decrease access time and radiation"
October, 6, 2018 – speaker at 29 th Congress of Videourology and Advances in Clinical Urology 2018 (Moscow): “Percutaneous nephrolithotomy in positive urine culture: surgery or drain?”
30 august 2009 - 10 october 2011 - research associate, Saint- Petersburg City Center of Endourology
10 september 2010 - 30 june 2011 – senior laboratory assistant, Urology dept. of Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Studies.
01 july 2011 - now - attending urologist, Urology department, Saint-Petersburg Surgical Center (University clinic)
Educational attainments:
Qualification courses:
2008 - «Andrology and surgical treatment of male sexual disorders»,
2009 - «Planning of scientific researches»,
2010 - «Endourology»,
2012- «Urogynaecology»
2012 – «Retrograde intrarenal surgery»
2014 - «Laparoscopy of upper urinary tract»,
2016 - «Percutaneous surgery of kidney stones»
2016 – «Laparoscopic suture»
2018 – «Endoscopic surgery of abdomen and retroperitoneum»
2006, 2007 – prize-winner of Russian President's grant for medical students
2008 – Best graduated student of Saint-Petersburg
2011 - prize-winner of Saint-Petersburg city government grant for young scientists.
2018 – Best poster award at 29 th Congress of Videourology and Advances in Clinical Urology, 3-7 October, 2018
2009 – Russian Urological Society
2016 - now Endourological Society
2018 – now International Alliance of Urolithiasis (IAU)
Special Scientific and Clinical Interests:
Surgery of BPH, stone disease (RIRS, PCNL). Oncology (bladder and prostate cancer). Surgical management of male infertility. Female incontinence surgery. Laparoscopy.
About me:
I am well trained urologist with extensive clinical experience in percutaneous nephrolithotomy, retrograde intrarenal surgery, BPH surgery, female urinary incontinence and laparoscopy.
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