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Jad Khaled AlSmadi



Jan. 2019- Now:
Urology Consultant.
Ministry of Health/ Saudi Arabia
Oct. 2016- Sep. 2018: 
Endourology & Laparoscopy Fellow (well-structured fellowship for the Endourological Society)
The Endourological Society
Nov. 2014- Apr. 2016:
Senior Registrar in Urology
Vitamin consultative centers & Victoria Hospital.
Aug. 2012- Aug. 2014: 
University Lecturer in Urology (+Urology in-Hospital practice as a Specialist)
Mutah University
Apr. 2012- Aug. 2012:
Urology Specialist (4 months then moved to become a Lecturer)
Jordan University Hospital
Sept. 1999- Jun. 2005: 
Medical college, the University of Jordan
Jordanian Secondary Schools Scholarship.
The M.B.B.S degree (6 years, now it has been changed into MD)
Jul. 2005- Jun. 2006:
Internship year.
Jul. 2006- Jun. 2011
Higher Education College, the University of Jordan
5 years academic residency program
Degree of higher Specialization in Urology
Oct. 2016-Sep. 2018
Guangzhou Medical University, The first affiliated Hospital
Two year combined Endourology and Laparoscopy Fellowship, a well-structured fellowship for the Endourological Society)
Professional Qualifications:
1999      Medical college, the University of Jordan
A ministry of Education Scholarship for the highest secondary
schools marks. (The 2 nd on my district)
2006 Urology Residency academic program; I have got this only-post Out of many competitors.
2016 Endourology Society; Two years combined fellowship.
Professional Courses:
2016 Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery (F.MAS), India.
2016 Diploma in Minimal Access Surgery (D.MAS), India.
2016 Da Vinci Surgical System Training Module, India.
2017 Skills Course in Endourolgy for the Endourological Society Global Education Initiative, China.
2018 Diploma: Human Cadaveric Advanced Laparoscopic Urology course, 1 st Edition. Portugal.
Membership of professional organisations:
2011 Full Registration Jordanian medical association.
2015 Endourological Society member. No. 1802
2016 International Alliance of Urology (IAU) member.
Experience gained in training:
I have been exposed to a wide range of minimally invasive urological procedures, gaining excellent training in laparoscopic and endoscopic aspects of the specialty. In particular I have focussed on percutaneous and flexible retrograde renal surgery, as well as Laparoscopic techniques.
I have been fully trained in PCNL, Flexible-URS and Laparoscopy for both upper tract and lower tract procedures. 
Medical students from Guangzhou Medical University, in addition to master and PhD urology residents, have been regularly taught over a wide spectrum of subjects. While rewarding, teaching remains a constant challenge, particularly in view of the changing demands on students’ timetables. I prefer a mentoring approach rather than the unfortunately common didactic lecturing approach so- often expected!  Interactive teaching with my fellow colleagues on our regular educational programme has been extremely valuable, and honed presentational skills.
Personal skills:
I believe I interact well with other members of my team, and I am able to cope well with challenging situations and patients. I am approachable, good humoured and always ready to offer help and advice to my colleagues where required. I have
always been organised and efficient, and will not be beaten by the torrent of paperwork we are often faced with. I believe first and foremost in the best interests of my patients and colleagues. The burden of ever increasing regulation over our working practices is a framework, but must always be interpreted with these values in mind.
1.  Jad Alsmadi, Junhong Fan, Wei Zhu, Zhong Wen, and Guohua Zeng. The Influence of Super-Mini Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy on Renal Pelvic Pressure In Vivo.
The Journal of Endourology
2. Jad Khaled AlSmadia, Xiaohang Li, GuohuaZeng.
Use of a modified ureteral access sheath in semi-rigid ureteroscopy to treat large upper ureteral stones is associated with high stone free rates.
Asian Journal of Urology
3. Huang J, Zhao Z, AlSmadi JK, Liang X, Zhong F, Zeng T, et al.
Use of the ureteral access sheath during ureteroscopy: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
PLoS ONE 13(2): e0193600.
4.  Liu, Y., AlSmadi, J., Zhu, W. et al
Comparison of super-mini PCNL (SMP) versus Miniperc for stones larger than 2 cm: a propensity score-matching study
World J Urol (2018) 36: 955.
5. Abulizi Simayi, Yang Liu, Muyesaier Yiming, Jad AlSmadi,
Ainiwaer Yusufu, Yalikun Alimu, Peng Lei, Xiaoan Zhang, Bin Wen,
Guohua Zeng, Wenqi Wu.
Clinical application of Super-mini-PCNL (SMP) in the treatment of upper urinary tract stones under ultrasound guidance.
World J Urol (2018)
Published Absracts:
5 including 2 in international meetings.
Career Aims:
I wish to work in a busy friendly unit, where patient care comes first. I would like to pursue an interest in laparoscopy and endourology, and would be prepared to set up a laparoscopy service de novo if necessary. I believe I have the personal
skills and character traits to achieve this.
It would be vital for me to form close working relationships with my colleagues, as with the demands of the modern medical practice pressing upon us, it is imperative for fellow professionals to work together rather than the all too common destructive, divisive behaviour we all witness.
Personal interests:
My family are my main priority outside work. I am married with two young siblings, who deepen my laughter lines and my furrowed brow equally! I am a keen horticulturist and adventurous micro-farmer. I have always enjoyed sports, and still try to maintain a gym membership.
1.  Prof. Guohua Zeng
The first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou Medical University
2.  Prof. Wenqi Wu
The first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou Medical University
3.  Prof. Zhong Wen
The first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou Medical University
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