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Hans-Göran Tiselius


Hans-Göran Tiselius, Born in Stockholm 11 April, 1945


66 12 28   Med. Cand.

72 03 30   M.D.-degree

72 05 10   Legitimation,(Certificate)

74 02 15   Dissertation (Ph.D.), Clinical Chemistry

77 03 18   Certificate of speciality in general surgery

79 04 10   Certificate of speciality in urology

80 01 23   Associate prof of urologic surgery

92 01 01   Professor of urology (University of Linköping)

99 06 01   Professor of Urology (Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm)

2011         Professor emeritus Karolinska Institutet


Opponent at the dissertations of:

Bengt Fellström, Uppsala, 1981

Klas Holmgren, Uppsala, 1986

Monika Lindsjö, Uppsala, 1989

Astrid Hoppe, Uppsala, 1992

Anette Edin Liljegren, Göteborg, 1996


Research supervisor and tutor for:

Christer Ahlstrand. Dissertation 1984: Biochemical studies in calcium oxalate stone formers, with special reference to the effects of thiazide treatment.


Bill Pettersson. Dissertation 1989: Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy of renal and ureteral stones – studies on indications, methods and results.


Inger Wall. Dissertation 1990: Aspects concerning the treatment of infection staghorn stones.


Clas Berg. Dissertation 1990: Alkaline citrate in prevention of recurrent calcium oxalate stones.


Inge Höjgaard. Dissertation 1998: Crystallization of calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate in solution with a composition similar to that in different parts of the nephron.


Partially research supervisor for:

Björn Nordenvall, Stockholm, Dissertation 1982

Per Erikssson, Linköping, Dissertation 1995

Åke Lindell, Dissertation 1996

Erik Fjellstedt


Other commitments and achievements

Secretary of Scandinavian Association of Urology subgroup for renal stones  82 01 14 – 84 12 31

Chairman of the group mentioned above 85 01 01 – 87 12 31

The Fernström award to young scientists, 1984

Managing Editor of Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology  89 01 01 – 92 06 30

Member of the Advisory Board of European Symposium on Urolithiasis 1993 - 1997

President of the 6th European Symposium on Urolithiasis, Stockholm, 1995

Chairman of the EAU Health Care Office Workning Party on Urolithiasis 1997-01-01 -2009-11-01

President of the Advisory Board of European Urolithiasis Research: 97 05 23 – 2009?

Member of the Advisory Board of Urological Research

Member of the Advisory Board of Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology

Visiting professor, Halifax (Canada) 90 01 17 – 90 01 19

Co-organizer of a Stone Course, Linköping, 1977

Co-organizer of a Minisymposium on Urolithiasis, Linköping, 1979

Co-organizer of the Swedish Urologic Association Meeting in Linköping, 1986

Co-organizer of an International ESWL Conference in Linköping, 1986

Member of the steering committee of the International Society of Urolithiasis 1996 - 2008

Chairman. Biochemistry group. First Consultation on Stone Disease.

Associate Editor, Urological Research /Urolithiasis since 1998

Curt Engelhorn Award, The European Foundation for the Advancement of Medicne , 1998

Chairman of the EAU Guideline Group on Urolithiasis ( - 2009)

Co-chairman of the AUA/EAU collaboration on guidelines on Ureteral stone treatment    (2003-2008)

Member of the Editorial Board Turkish Urological Journal

Honorary member of European Association of Urology, 2011

Honorary member of eULIS,

Honorary Member, Swedish Association of Urology, 2012

Honorary Award, Group of Urinary Calculi of Chinese Assocociation of Urology, 2012

Life-time Achievement Award, International Urolithiasis Society, 2016


Scientific work:

Original publications approx     200

Other publications, books, book chaptersapprox     150       

Oral/poster presentations (abstracts.)             > 150

Other presentation, state of the art lectures c:a             > 200


Other memberships:

European Association of Urology

Swedish Association of Urology

Scandinavian Association of Urology

Endourologic Society

Societé International Urologie


Received research grants from:

Statens Medicinska Forskningsråd (Swedish Medical Research Council)

Styrelsen för teknisk utveckling

Östergötlands Läns Landsting

Svenska Sällskapet för medicinsk forskning

Tore Nilssons fond för medicinsk forskning

Harald och Greta Jeanssons fonder

Stiftelsen Svensk Näringsforskning

Wellcome Foundations Ltd

Ollie och Elof Erikssons Forskningsfond

Ferrosan AB

Ciba-Geigy AB

Essex Läkemedel

Karolinska Institutets fonder för ograduerade forskare

Lunds Universitets fonder för ograduerade forskare

Madaus & Co, Gmb

Maud och Birger Gustavssons Stiftelse Nr 1

Åke Wibergs Fond

European Foundation for the of Advancements in Medicine 

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