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Chawnshang Chang

Chawnshang Chang

Chawnshang Chang
George Hoyt Whipple Distinguished Professor of Pathology, Urology and Radiation Oncology
Academic CV:
TheIntroduction of the Taiwanese Osteoporosis Society President's Award forDr. Chawnshang Chang (click fordetailed information)
National Taiwan University, Agriculture Chemistry, BS, 1978
Taiwan Army Chemical School (ROTC), Taiwan, Chemistry, Lieutenant, 1980
University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Ph.D., 1985
University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, Molecular Endocrinology Postdoc, 1988
Professionaland Academic Experience:
1988-90 Assistant Professor and Director, Urology Research Labs, Dept. of Surgery/Urology and Ben May Institute, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
1990-00 Assistant Professor (90-93), Associate Professor (93-96), Professor (96-97). Visiting Professor (97-00), Director, Tissue & Blood Bank (90-97). Departments of Human Oncology and Medicine and UW Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
1996-98 Visiting Professor, Department of Urology, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan
1998- Visiting Professor, Oncology Institute, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China
1998- Visiting Professor & Director of Andrology Lab, Dept. of Urology, Beijing Univ., China
1999- Visiting Professor, Reproductive Medicine Institute, Chang Gung University, Taiwan
1999- Visiting Professor, National Taiwan Univ., Taiwan
1997- Director, George Whipple Laboratory for Cancer Research, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
1997- Director, Urology Research Center, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
1997- Director, Molecular Oncology Graduate Program. University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
1997- George Whipple Distinguished Professor, Departments of Pathology, Urology, Radiation Oncology and Biochemistry, and The Cancer Center, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
2000- Founder, AndroScience Corporation (click here for asc website). San Diego, CA.
2002- Visiting Professor, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China.
2003- Visiting Professor, Tiamjin Medical University, Tianjin, China.
2004- Visiting Professor, Taipei Medical University, Taipei, Taiwan.
Honors andAwards:
1988 The Ayerst Award for Outstanding Young Endocrinologist from the Endocrine Society
1989 Andrew Melon Award for Outstanding Young Faculty in USA from Andrew Melon Foundation
1990 Outstanding Young Investigator Award from Cancer Research Foundation
1991 The Milheim Award for Excellence in Cancer Research from Milheim Foundation
1991-94 American Cancer Society Junior Professorship in Cancer Research
1995-97 Blowity-Ridgeway Award in Andrology from Blowity-Ridgeway Foundation
1993-99 CapCure Award (6 times) for Excellence in Prostate Cancer Research
1997 Award with Honorary Fellow from The Japan Society of Andrology (The 2nd Non-Japanese ever awarded such honor)
1998 George Hoyt Whipple Lecture, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
1998 Jiepimg Wu Award, for Outstanding Achievement in Urology (The highest honor for Chinese-Medical Researcher). Beijing, China.
1999 President Award for Outstanding Urology Research, The highest honor from The Urology Association of Taiwan for the Contribution in Androgen Receptor and Prostate Cancer.
1999 Davey Memorial Award for Outstanding Cancer research, University of Rochester.
1999 Scholar of the Year, The highest honor from The Taiwanese Osteoporosis Association for Outstanding Contribution in Sex hormones and Osteoporosis.
2001 The Taiwanese Osteoporosis Society President's Award
2002 Dr. S.T.Huang-Chan memorial Lecture/Award, University of Hong Kong
2002 Dr. Chien-Tien Hsu Memorial Lecture/Award at Taiwan Annual OBGYN Meeting
2003 Who's Who in America.
2003 The president Award from Taiwanese Association of Andrology. Click here for details.
2009-The Chang Jiang Scholar Endowed Chair Award-China
1988-present Patents: 9 patents including AR gene/AR knockout mice/AR Coregulators / Anti-AR drugs / TR2&4 Nuclear Receptors.
1988-present Invited Speaker: 99 International Symposia and 292 Universities/Institutes (1988-present)

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