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Dirk Rainer Fischer

Dirk Rainer Fischer

Dirk Rainer Fischer 


Date and place of birth :5th Feb. 1941    Berlin

Schooleducation: 1961 Abitur  (matric) Hittorf Gymnasium –Münster /Westf.

1961/1964/1970/1972 marine

1961 study dentistry:FreieUniversität Berlin

1964- 1968 study dentistry and medicine: Albert LudwigsUniversität Freiburg

1967/6-9 study as extern ingynaecology:Jikei University Tokio Japan

1966/11 Staatsexamen dentistry (Zahnarzt)

1968/5 Staatsexamen medicine  (Arzt)

1968 graduate thesis Dr. med. (Investigations freezing blood by spraying in N²)

1968 Diplom -Sportarzt (graduated as specialist for sport injuries)

1968-1970 resident gynaecology (RWTH Aachen);internal medicine (Engelskirchen);

Anaesthesia (Univ. Freiburg);surgery( Marienhospital Stuttgart)

1970- 1974 Specialisation in Urology (Univ. Mainz)

1974 exam.Specialist Urology (Facharzt);     graduation Dr. med .dent.

          Thesis: Biomechanical methods to investigate movements during training

1975/1-1978 study biochemistry: Institute of Medical Biochemistry/Stellenb.RSA

1977/11 PhD thesis :Laboratoric Evaluations of Prostatic Tissue

1978/5-9 Consultant Urology:Rhein. Westf. Klinik BadWildungen

1978/9-1981/8 Consultant Dept. Urology :AkHarburg

1980/1981/5-6 Training and Certified in Proctology(Papenburg; Parks Clinic London)

1981-1990 in charge of Dept.Urology :Krhs. Groß Sand Hamburg

1990- 2008 superintendet  Dept. Urology Mainz

2006 Docent FA WiesbasenRüsselsh. Topograph. Anatomie und Physiologie

2008 Professor Hochschule Rhein Main(University applied  Science) and

2013-2014  as well ProfessurHochschule Pforzheim (Hygiene and Radiology)


Academic Awards:

1968  DiplomSportarzt


1974 Mitglied Deutsche Gesellschaft für Urologie (DGU)

1975 Member South African Assoc. of Urology (SAAV)

1977 Member Societe International Urology (SIU) (passager)

1978 Member American Assoc. of Urology (AUA)

1984 Member German Chinese Medical Assoc.

1986- 1993 teaching Prof .Tongji Univ. Dept. Urology

between1995- 2014 Guest and Congress Member Chinese Urological Association

1997 honory Member Chinese Urologicel Association

1999/3-4 Senior Consultant Tawan Hospital Al Ain  (Emirate Abu Dhabi)

2000/3-5 Senior Consultant Hamad Hospital Doha (Qatar)

2005 Docent University of Applied Science (Wiesbaden /Rüsselsheim)

2008 Professor in Fachbereich Physikalische Technik s.o.

2014 Dr. honoris causa  Tongji University  Wuhan/China


Additional Qualifications:

1980- 81 Proctology (certified)

1981     Ultrasound  (certified)

1988   Laser therapie (certified)

1987/1988/1998 Andrology and Infertility (certified)

1998/2000/2002 Urine cytology (certified)

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