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Guoqing Liu

Liu Guoqing, M.D.

Liu Guoqing, M.D. is a chief physician, professor, supervisor of postgraduate, and chief of surgery of Foshan maternity and children's health care hospital, southern medical university. Previously, he served as a member of the Societe Internationale d'Urologie (SIU), a member of a council of the national committee of the Ministry of Health of endoscopy and minimally invasive technique for examination and assessment, a director of the committee of the Chinese society for women's and children's surgery expert committee, a director of the committee of the women's and children's urinary system disease prevention and control expert committee of the women's and children's well-being project in guangdong province, a committee member of the urinary calculi group of Urological surgery branch of Chinese medical association. He went to the Medical Center of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München for learning and studying in 2007. Now he is as an editor of “Journal of Contemporary Urologic and Reproductive Oncology”, “Journal of Chinese Physician” and " Journal of Clinical Pediatric Surgery ". He presided over a number of research subject and published more than 40 articles in periodicals at home and abroad. Editor in chief of the Women's and Children's Urinary Surgery, and participated in editor of the Urinary Tract Calculi, Analysis of Pediatric Difficult Critical Cases, the Analysis of Typical Cases of Urology, etc. He had gained one national invention patent and two patents for utility models. He has the special research on maternal and child urology, pediatric surgery and adolescent sexual development.

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