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Kee Wong

MR KEE Y WONG MBChB, BSc (Medical Science) University of St Andrews, Scotland (1999-2002) University of Manchester, UK (2002-2005)



Education and Qualification    

The Royal College of Surgeons Exam

MRCS 2009

Medical qualification: MBChB, BSc (Medical Science) University of St Andrews, Scotland (1999-2002) University of Manchester, UK (2002-2005)


Employment History       

Feb 2018 – present:         Urology ST6/7 (HENW, Mersey Deanery)

(Arrowe Park Hospital)

Feb 2017 – Feb 2018: Urology ST5/6 (HENW, Mersey Deanery)

(Countess of Chester Hospital)

Feb 2016 – Feb 2017: Urology ST4/5 (HENW, Mersey Deanery)

(Whiston Hospital)

Oct 2015 – Feb 2016: Urology ST4 (HENW, Mersey Deanery)

(Alder Hey Children’s Hospital)

June 2015 – Oct 2015: Urology ST3/4 (HENW, Mersey Deanery)

(Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen Hospital)

Feb 2015 – June 2015: Urology ST3 (HENW, Mersey Deanery)

(Liverpool Womens Hospital)

Aug 2014 – Feb 2015: Urology, ST3 (HENW, Mersey Deanery)

(University Hospital Aintree)

Oct 2013 – Aug 2014:      Urology, Trust Registrar

(University Hospital South Manchester)

Oct 2012 – Oct 2013:       Urology, ST3 LAT

(Royal Shrewsbury & Telford Hospitals)

Aug 2010 – Oct 2012:      Urology Clinical Research Fellow

(Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen Hospitals)

Feb 2010 – Aug 2010:      Cardiothoracic, CT2

(Glenfield Hospital)

Aug 2009 – Feb 2010:      General & Breast Surgery, CT2

(Glenfield Hospital)

April 2009 – Aug 2009: Urology, CT1

(Leicester General Hospital)

Dec 2008 – April 2009: Upper GI and Hepatobiliary Surgery, CT1

(Leicester Royal Infirmary)

Aug 2008 – Dec 2008:      Paediatric Surgery/Urology, CT1

(Leicester Royal Infirmary)

April 2008 – Aug 2008: Trauma & Orthopaedic, FTSTA 1

(Royal Blackburn Hospital, UK)

Dec 2007 – April 2008:    Urology, FTSTA 1

(Royal Blackburn Hospital, UK)

Aug 2007 – Dec 2007:      General Surgery, FTSTA 1

(Royal Blackburn Hospital, UK)

Aug 2006 – Aug 2007:      Foundation Year 2

(A&E, Respiratory medicine, GP)

(The Royal Oldham Hospital, UK)

Aug 2005 – Aug 2006:      Foundation Year 1

(Orthopaedics, General Surgery, Gastroenterology)

(The Royal Oldham Hospital, UK)



  •     AGOUR Andrology Course

(Hemel Hempstead) Oct 2017

  •     BAPU Course

(Cambridge) Sep 2017

  •     Spinal Injury Course for Urology

(Princess Royal Spinal Injuries Centre, Sheffield) Oct 2016

  •     Good Clinical Practice

(National Institute for Health Research) July 2016

  •      PCNL Access Course

(BAUS) June 2016

  •     Mentoring: The Egan model course

(BAUS) June 2016

  •      New technologies in BPH surgery course

(BAUS) June 2016

  •      North West Urology stone course

(RLBUHT) Nov 2014

  •     BAUS Cadaveric course module I&II

(BAUS) Nov 2014

  •      Ultrasound for urologist

(BAUS) June 2014

  •      Laparoscopic Suturing

(BAUS) June 2013

  •      Male Factor Infertility

(BAUS) June 2013

  •      Certificate in Urodynamics Course

(Freeman Hospital Newcastle) March 2013

  •      Flexible Ureteroscopy Live Surgery Course

(Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge) Feb 2013

  •      Recent Advances in Neuro-Urology and Urodynamics Course

(BAUS) June 2012

  •      AUA Course

(BAUS) June 2012

  •      Ureteroscopy Course

(BAUS) June 2011

  •      Genital Emergencies

(BAUS) June 2011

  •      Core Skills in Urology (Module I & II)

(Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh) September 2010

  •      Introduction to Statistics and Research Methodology

(University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust) April 2009

  •      Core Skills In Laparoscopic Surgery

(North Staffordshire Hospital, Keele)      June 2009

  •      Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patient (CCrISP)

(Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust)    November 2007

  •      Advanced Trauma Life Support

(Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust)    June 2007

  •      Basic Surgical Skills Course

(WIMAT, Cardiff)      December 2006


Poster & Presentation    

1.      Flexible ureteroscopy laser lithotripsy for renal stone in patients with para/quadriplegic spinal cord injury. K Wong, J McCabe, A Samsudin. (Presented at Norman Gibbon meeting Feb 2017)

2.      Audit on prostate cancer waiting time breaches: How can we improve? K Wong, H Stewart, J McCabe. (Presented at Northwest regional audit meeting Nov 2016; presented by H Stewart)

3.      ‘Management of high grade blunt renal trauma: A 10-year single UK paediatric centre experience.’ K Wong, R Jeeneea, A Healey et al. (Presented at BAUS 2016)

4.      ‘MicroTESE: Initial experience and result’. K Wong, K Bambang, R Russell, A Baird (Presented at Norman Gibbon meeting 2015 – awarded Best paper prize).

5.      ‘Investigating haematospermia: Evaluating the value of MRI’. K  Wong, S Amin, A Baird (Presented at NorthWest urology regional audit meeting 25 Nov 2014)

6.      ‘Multi-length ureteric stents are not associated with more symptoms than 24cm long ureteric’. Wong KY, Calvert RC, Biyani CS, Browning AJ, Keeley FX, Burgess NA. (Presented at AUA May 2011 and BAUS June 2011)

7.      ‘The effectiveness of laser stone fragmentation in a specialist endourology practice’. KY Wong, RC Calvert. (Presented at Northwest regional meeting May 2011)

8.      ‘Retrieval of proximally migrated double J ureteric stents in children using goose-neck snare’. M Marjan, S Jayakumar, K Wong, A Bolia, GK Ninan. (Poster session at World Congress of Pediatric Surgery Oct 2010)



1.      Wong KY, Jeeneea R, Healey A, Abernethy L, Corbett HJ, McAndrew HF, Losty PD. Management of paediatric high-grade blunt renal trauma: a 10-year single-centre UK experience. BJU Int. 2018;

2.      Wong KY, Chaudhry M, Hamm R, Belfield J. Radiological investigations of haematuria in 2016. Journal of Clinical Urology Sep 2016 9: 300-307.

3.      Acknowledged in the study publication:

Pickard R, Starr K, Maclennan G et al. Medical expulsive therapy in adults with ureteric colic: a multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. Lancet 2015: 386(9991): 341-349.

4.      Calvert RC, Wong KY, Chitale SV, Irving SO, Nagarajan M, Biyani CS, Browning AJ, Young JG, Timoney AG, Keeley Jr FX, Burgess NA. Multi-length or 24cm ureteric stent? A multicentre randomised comparison of stent-related symptoms using a validated questionnaire. BJU Int. 2013 Jun;111(7):1099-104.

5.      Somov P, Madden T, Wong K, Hamm R. Security concerns about copying clinical letters to patients. Bulletin of the royal college of surgeons of England 2013 Jan; 95(1): 33-34

6.      Wong K, Mishra V. Kidney stones: biochemical evaluation of risk factors. Clinical Laboratory News 2012 Dec; 38(12)8-10

7.      Wong KY, Brennan JA, Calvert RC. Letter: Management  of  severe blunt renal trauma in adult patients: a 10-year retrospective review from an emergency hospital. BJU Int. 2012 Oct; 110(8):E330


Research/ Audits    

Inpatient urology referrals: Assessing workload and improving service

(Countess of Chester Hospital 2017)

Prospective audit to assess: (1) current workload on inpatient urology referrals

(2) quality and appropriateness of referrals (3) ways to improve service and provision of urology opinion to other specialties (4) to allow further service planning in collaboration with urology service moving to Arrowe Park hospital


Audit on prostate cancer waiting time breaches: How can we improve?

(Whiston hospital 2016)

Retrospective audit on our prostate cancer waiting time breaches in 2015/2016 financial year and to identify any key delay points and room for improvement.


TISU Trial (Therapeutic interventions for stones in the ureter)

(University Hospital South Manchester 2014 and Whiston Hospital 2016)

I am involved in patient recruitment/ follow-up for this ongoing trial (participating site for multi-centre trial).


Pre-biopsy MRI of prostate: “Useful” or “Wasteful”

(Royal Shrewsbury Hospital 2013)

Retrospective audit to assess the outcome of our patients with benign prostate biopsy (PSA<20) over a 3-year follow-up period and compare the proportion of patients that might have benefited from pre-biopsy MRI and its cost implication.


SUSPEND Trial (Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen Hospitals 2011-2012)

I set up the study at Royal Liverpool hospital (as participating site for multi-centre study) and also managed patient recruitment/follow-up.


Improving haematuria clinic service: Is renal ultrasound necessary in frank haematuria (Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen Hospitals 2012)

This service evaluation assessed our current haematuria service protocol whether renal ultrasound is necessary in patients with frank haematuria. The suggested change in protocol removing unnecessary investigation aimed to improve patient experience, efficiency of service and cost-saving.


Shockwave lithotripsy effectiveness in a regional stone unit: completing the audit cycle (Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen Hospitals 2012)

This is a re-audit to look at the outcome of ESWL for urinary tract calculi in our department and to assess whether changing the rate of shockwaves delivered has impacted on the outcome of treatment.


Outpatient TWOC service (Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen Hospitals 2012) Audit to assess whether correct pathway is followed for TWOC and to look at the outcome of TWOC in the department.


Ureteroscopy and laser fragmentation of stone outcome audit

(Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen Hospitals 2011) Audit on outcome of ureteroscopy and laser stone fragmentation in 259 renal systems over the period of 21 months.


Urology Conferences Attended      

•       Norman Gibbon meeting Feb 2018

•       BAUS Meeting (Glasgow) June 2017

•       Norman Gibbon meeting Feb 2017

•       BAUS Meeting (Liverpool) June 2016

•       Norman Gibbon meeting Feb 2016

•       World Congress of Endourology 2015

•       Norman Gibbon meeting Feb 2015

•       NorthWest Urology regional meeting Nov 2014

•       BAUS Meeting (Liverpool) June 2014

•       BAUS Meeting (Manchester) June 2013

•       4th East Meets West Urology Forum March 2013

•       BAUS Meeting (Glasgow) June 2012

•       BAUS Meeting (Liverpool) June 2011

•       AUA Meeting (Washington) May 2011



•       Faculty on “ST3 Interview Course” – Stepping Hill Hospital January 2018

•       Case Based Learning (CBL) tutor for University of Liverpool medical students

•       Teaching session 4th year medical student on haematuria (University of Liverpool 2 June 2015)

•       Courses

       How to facilitate a PBL session: New tutor

(University of Manchester) January 2014

       Doctors Role in Society & Effective Teaching Skills Module I & II

(The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust) January & April 2007

•       PBL tutor for 4th year medical students (University of Manchester 2014)

•       Teach and supervise juniors on ward jobs and clinical procedures.

•       Presented in grand round at Broadgreen hospital on “Male LUTS” (12 March 2012)

•       Faculty in “Introductory surgical skills” for medical student organised by Leicester Surgical Society (January 2009 & 2010)


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