• Top of the Top: RIRS Live Surgeries
    with Prof. Guohua Zeng & Prof. Petrisor Geavlete
  • IAU established friendly relations with
    Sociedad Colombiana de Urología (SCU)
    and Hellenic Urological Association (HUA)
  • 2021 Complimentary IAU Membership Registration
  • 4th IAU Webinar
  • Invitation to the 10th IAU Annual Conference
  • China&Romania
    1 On 1 Online Workshop
  • International Alliance of Urolithiasis (IAU) Webinar
    Percutaneous Management of Renal Stones: What is new?
  • Platinum Priority – Stone Disease
  • Bridges in Science
    (Dr. Zin Abouelfadel's interview with Prof. Guohua Zeng)
  • Visit UAA
    (Urological Association of Asia)
  • 8th IAU Annual Conference Photo Gallery
  • Urolithiasis around the world
  • Lastest Research from IAU

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Due to the impact of COVID-19, we plan to organize the annual meeting this year as a hybrid event which will be held on-site in Guangzhou and virtually online. The conference will cover the latest developments regarding all aspects of stone disease from diagnosis to management and follow-up.

The 10th IAU Annual Conference
August 27-29, 2021 | Guangzhou, China

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